On Sunday, June 4th, the Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol held its 2017 Bike and Electronic Device Etching Event in conjunction with the Annual Yeshiva Darchei Torah Bike-a-Thon. Reads Lane was teeming with over 1000 young cyclists.


NYPD Crime Prevention Officers from the 101st Precinct were delighted to have hundreds of more bikes and electronic devices within the command etched and registered. In the event that an etched bike or device is found after being lost and/or stolen, the serial number that was inconspicuously etched on the lost or stolen item would help return that item to its rightful owner.

Each year, RNSP units and NYPD officers find lost or stolen bikes and electronic devices. In tens of such cases, lost and stolen devices that were etched were therefore returned to the registered owners. Conversely, there have been many bikes and devices that were recovered from thieves that unfortunately were unable to be traced to its rightful owners. Etching itself is an act of crime prevention. Whereas it is difficult to charge thieves in possession of unetched bikes or devices, those who are caught to be unrightfully in possession of stolen property are able to be charged and eventually prosecuted for theft. Etching is proof of ownership.

The RNSP is always thrilled to bring such safety and crime prevention events to the community in addition to all other ways they serve the community and improve the quality of life for those who reside within. The RNSP is active 24/7. Should you ever need assistance related to public safety, a past crime, or a missing person, feel free to call the 24/7 Hotline at 516-858-7300. 

Much thanks goes out to the commanding officer of the 101 Precinct, Captain Vincent Tavalaro and to Community Affairs Officers, P.O. Kevin Campbell and P.O. Lynn Blanchette. Their work helps the entire community to this end and in so many other ways.

Akiva Klein from the FSSP (Flatbush Shomrim) always comes through for the RNSP, bringing the FSSP Mobile Command Center, which keeps the power going and provides all the tools necessary to keep the event functional and its participants safe.

Holding free public service events such as this does indeed come at a great financial expense.  It is only with the assistance of enormously generous sponsors who made this event possible. These sponsors include:

Caring Professionals Inc.

Carlos & Gabby’s

Superior Collision 

Lazer Marble & Granite

Precision Auto Body

Klein’s Ice Cream

Steven Auto Parts 

JC Sewer & Drain Service

Mold Pro

I Know a Guy Inc

Davids Famous Pizza 

All Giving Reality

Cho Sen Island


Sleep Tight Bedding

Broadway Kitchens LTD


Coffee Bar

Traditions Eatery

EZRA Pharmacy 

Mike’s Burgers 


Chateu de Vin

925 Sterling 

Last but not least the community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the members of the RNSP, who tirelessly and regularly give their time to help others in need. This event was one small service of many that are afforded to the community on a daily basis. RNSP members Shmueli Russel and Nussen Bornfreund worked tirelessly over the course of the past few months putting this event together and making it a success. 

Much thanks is due to the families of the RNSP members. These family members are equally selfless by allowing their spouse s and parents to do the work they do. An RNSP member is never able to be so effective without such support and allowance.

The RNSP wishes the entire community a safe and pleasant summer.


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