Rocket launchers in Gaza. Credit: IDF.

Rocket launchers in Gaza. Credit: IDF.

( Just two days after Gaza terrorists fired a mortar shell into southern Israel, violating the cease-fire agreement that ended the recent seven-week confrontation between the Jewish state and Hamas, rocket alert sirens sounded in a number of southern Israeli communities on Thursday morning.

Though local residents reported hearing explosions, the Israel Defense Forces said the sirens were false alarms and that no projectiles were fired. Small arms fire inside of Gaza had triggered the extremely sensitive warning siren system, according to the IDF.

Yair Farjoun, the head of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, said following the sirens that “we appreciate the high alert level of our defense systems, even when small arms are fired near us.”

“In the meantime, we are prepared for any scenario and ask the government to continue to be on high alert and to prevent the rocket fire from resuming,” Farjoun said, Israel Hayom reported.

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