Phil Rosen, a man who was close to President George W. Bush and other leading Republican officials at all levels of government says that the connection between Mr. Romney and the State of Israel overall is “Greater than I’ve ever seen from any elected official.”  He adds: “I believe it is an emotional connection and the fact is that we are lined in so many ways.”

Phil Rosen adds that at the breakfast reception for Mr. Romney at the King David Hotel on the Monday morning of the visit that an item that was not reported or commented upon was the way in which Governor Romney concluded his remarks.  Mr. Romney finished his address by saying of Israel: “I love this country and I love the United States of America.”

The thing is that in reality there is very little room for those fuzzy and emotional feelings in presidential politics.  Rather it is all about hard political facts, the many millions of dollars that need to be raised and the feet you can put on the ground to pull a highly  apathetic population out to vote on Election Day.  It would seem that sensible, clear thinking citizens should easily be able to reach the conclusion that Obama’s designs for this country run contrary to our nature and traditions.  The key word in that sentence is “clear thinking,” and that can be a problem in many sectors of the country.

But Phil Rosen in his cool, thoughtful and calculated matter of fact approach lays out a way in which he sees it happening.  The doomsayers, of course, see it differently.  They see the momentum and advantages that an incumbent president has to work with.  And they may or may not see or understand that the Obama design is to encourage dependence because as a matter of course dependence on government brings votes along with it from people who have become accustom or addicted to that way of living.

“I think that key states that went with Obama in 2008 and are going to go red this time around,” Rosen says.  That means that he sees them voting for Mitt Romney.  While the popular national polls currently see the president with a 3 to 6% lead over Mr. Romney, Rosen says that he believes that the result will be a Romney victory and that it will not be as close as people are anticipating.

On the subject of overwhelming Jewish support for President Obama, Phil Rosen says that the Romney camp understands that a large segment of the American Jewish population is just avidly liberal and will always identify themselves with Democratic candidates.  The objective here is to impact on the 78% of the Jewish vote that Mr. Obama received in 2008.  The large percentage of Jewish voters that favor the reelection of the president also communicates a dangerous message to the White House.  And that message is that the administration sees significant support for their policies and designs for Israel–especially in a second Obama term—based on the high percentage of Jewish voters.

Phil Rosen is concerned about what an Obama victory in November would mean for Israel and he doesn’t hesitate to articulate that concern.  Chief amongst those issues would be expected US support in a second term for the endorsement of statehood for the Palestinians at the United Nations.  For a casual observer it is difficult to fathom how a president who so adamantly and starkly opposed statehood for the Palestinians through UN channels can do an about face and support it in a second term, but that is simply raw election year and campaign politics.

There’s no question that on paper the Obama policy on Israel has been pretty decent.  Everything else about that policy including possible prospects for it in a future second term is very suspect.  A Romney presidency would be good, refreshing and healthy not just for the US-Israel policy, but on a multiplicity of levels.

About the man Romney, Phil Rosen who has spent a significant amount of time with the nominee says: “He is a religious man and that he has an inordinate amount of respect for the Jewish religion.” He says that the Romney family is composed of people with “high moral and ethical standards.”

A couple of months ago there was a weekend retreat for Romney campaign donors at a resort in Utah, Rosen explains.  He said that Mr. Romney inquired of Mr. Rosen to make certain that there was ample kosher food available to those observed Kashruth and that he personally asked Mr. Rosen whether all appropriate arrangements had been made so that there were appropriate facilities for a minayn over Shabbos.

Phil Rosen is just one of the lead people in the Romney inner circle who have the responsibility of communicating to the Jewish community the importance of electing Mitt Romney in November.  It is very satisfying to hear the confidence that Phil exudes as he talks about and describes how victory will be achieved in November.  It seems like it is this countries only chance to save itself from this continuing downward ride we are on for the last three and a half years of the Obama presidency.  I have to say that I believe what Phil Rosen believes and that belief translates into a hopeful future for the United States.  


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