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Israel’s Population Nears 9 Million, Most Satisfied With Life

Israelis enjoy a night out at a bar in Tel Aviv. Photo: Ted Eytan via Wikimedia Commons.

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released its annual pre-Rosh Hashanah report on Tuesday, which revealed that 89 percent of the country’s residents were satisfied with their lives.

According to Channel Two, the bureau’s numbers showed that 8.907 million people lived in Israel, 6.625 million of them Jews, comprising 74.4 percent of the population. The Arab sector totals 1.864 million people, or 20.9 percent of the population, while 488,000 Israelis were listed as “other.”

The data found that among Israelis age 20 and above, the religious breakdown was 44.3 percent non-religious or secular, 33.7 percent traditional, 11.5 percent religious, and 10.2 percent ultra-Orthodox.

Life expectancy stood at 84.6 years for women and 80.7 for men.

The data also indicated that Israeli women were better educated than men, with women making up 59.4 percent of university students. Interestingly, this gap was even larger in the Arab population, where only 30.1 percent of university students were men.