President Donald Trump’s lawyer and close confidant Rudy Giuliani rejected the idea of a Palestinian state in an interview in Israel last week.

During the meeting, Palestinian Media Watch Director Itamar Marcus and head of Legal Strategies Maurice Hirsch showed the former mayor of New York City PMW’s reports on the PA’s payment of salaries to terrorist prisoners31 PA schools named after terroristsas well as texts presenting terrorists as role models from PA schoolbooks.

Giuliani’s response was that these activities show the PA to be a “murder machine.” The PA’s response to terror including financial support and honor for terrorists makes them “a prime supporter of terrorism.”
Most significantly, Giuliani concluded that because of the PA’s terror support they are “therefore not entitled to be a state.”
In his statement to PMW, Giuliani focused on the PA’s policy of paying salaries to terrorists:
“The payment of money by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists who are convicted of terrorism is an absolute human rights outrage and a crime in and of itself. To give money to people who slaughter innocent human beings, including children and women and innocent people of all kinds, is a direct contribution to terrorism… The fact that the Palestinian Authority does this, carries this out on a massive scale, is yet another indication that the Palestinian Authority is a prime supporter of terrorism, and therefore not entitled to be a state.”
Giuliani believes that countries must cut off all funding to Palestinian Authority:
“The United States, for example, should not give the Palestinian Authority any money, and not just restrict the use of money, because money is fungible. So if they get money for one purpose, they just don’t use it for that purpose and they move it over to paying terrorists for killing Americans, because many of these terrorists have killed Americans as well as Israelis.”
Significantly, Giuliani recommends even stricter financial sanctions on the PA than were imposed by the US Congress’ recent Taylor Force Act (TFA). The TFA permits limited US funding of the PA for specific humanitarian needs. Giuliani is arguing that since money is fungible any funding to the PA is supporting terror.
Giuliani also praised the work of PMW stating: “Palestinian Media Watch is doing a great service in documenting this on such a large scale, and I congratulate them and hope that they continue this activity until we cut this out.”


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