Ever heard the protest “I don’t have time to exercise”? Those who are disciplined in their daily workout will quickly respond, “Try it, and you’ll suddenly find so much more time and energy to accomplish in your day.”

As trainers, doctors, and health professionals will tell you, taking the self-discipline and time to exercise regularly will consistently increase production and energy levels by 20—30% or more. It may be hard to get started, but once you’re at it, you’ll be hooked.

The Run for Your Life, hosted by Batya, is a great motivator for those who haven’t been able to find a good enough reason to commit. And it’s a fantastic goal for the already active–a way to infuse your workout with an even greater meaning–that of supporting a wonderful cause.

Batya is a youth group for teenage girls of limited or no Jewish background, designed to be a non-judgmental, accepting place to belong. It’s a place where girls can explore themselves and their heritage, make meaningful friendships, and develop their inner strengths and talents. Through the various programs in Long Island, New Jersey, and branching outward, hundreds of girls are growing together, learning to reach beyond their limits and soaring to new heights of success, spiritual awareness, and self-development. Batya is staffed by dozens of dedicated volunteer reps, local girls who are inspired and passionate to share a love for Torah and for growth with those who are seeking it.

“At Batya, I’ve learned that it’s not enough to just be a nice person. I’ve learned that the choices I make affect who I am as a person, and I’ve learned to value that.”

“I’ve watched my daughter’s inner self come alive at Batya. She has discovered a new level of meaning in her life, and brought that to our whole family.”

The Run for Your Life embodies Batya’s mission–empowering women and teens to build a stronger, healthier sense of self. By stretching your limits and strengthening your endurance, you develop the inner tools to deal with life’s challenges, training your body and soul to make the most of every situation, sculpting your inner self to become a strong and effective individual. Learning to set small goals and reach them is a skill that can be applied to every area of life, and a run for a worthy cause is a great place to start.

“Far be it from us to create a religion out of running or to pretend that running increases avodas Hashem,” says a Batya executive with a smile, “but I have to say it is gratifying to be able to run a campaign that has strong benefits to general health, motivation, and growth as opposed to the typical entertainment-style parties and auctions.”

The 10k/5k run will be held on May 19 at Thompson Park in Lincroft, NJ–an easy ride from most NY and NJ communities. Registered runners have personal webpages where they can track their sponsors, consult with the run’s professional coach and dietitian, and benefit from various professionals’ tidbits in Your Health Spot. The run itself will feature entertainment for women and children, including booths, food vendors, blow-up rides for kids, and more. With the entire track contained within the park limits, it is a comfortable venue for women in our community.

Picture yourself outdoors on a beautiful spring day along with dozens of women and teens in running shoes and team t-shirts. You’re jogging in anticipation, ready to take off and reach the finish line. The undercurrent of excitement unites all the runners and spectators as they set off to achieve their goal. Whether you’re running for speed, completion, or just for the fun, you will be suffused with the energy of the participants and the motivation of a joint effort for a worthy cause.

To join the run, sponsor a runner, or for more information, visit www.runwithbatya.org or e-mail info@runwithbatya.org. For more information about Batya’s work, visit www.batyagirls.org. Batya is a registered 501©3 nonprofit organization. The first corporate sponsor to sign up has been the gym in Lakewood. v


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