The insidious. seditious and subversive Left wing simply will NOT report this story. It is a very important story that everyone should be aware of. The only place I found it noted was on Atlas Shrugged. Other than that — complete and utter silence. Crickets chirping.

Even Fox News, now 15% Saudi owned, will not report negative stories about Islam — they served their master by ousting Glenn Beck at their Saudi prince’s behest.

The West must follow Russia’s lead if we are to survive. Make no mistake about it, Western civilization is fighting for its very survival. In twenty years, the Moslem invaders have made incredible in roads in taking over our society. They are already inculcating our children in Islamic practices and spreading their anti-Jewish venom into our colleges, the media and government circles. The Left aids and abets Islam as a means to destroying the Judeo/Christian foundation our society is built on.

As long as people believe in individual responsibility, it stands in the way of their fundamental transformation of America. Islam is the cudgel being used to beat the West into submission.

The very practice of Islam is a hate crime. It should be outlawed in the West. Read the demonic Koran if you don’t believe me.

The subversive Left wants to keep people anesthetized as to the real dangers that Islam poses to Western civilization. They are working in tandem with their Islamic allies to fundamentally transform our civilization in an Islamic hegemony with a Leftist allegiance. We are saddled with a Fifth Estate that serves foreign interests not American ones.

You can bet the Leftist media will NEVER report this story unless their dear Fuhrer Obamao allows it — which he never will. They march in goosestep to their Fuhrer’s orders. Aaron Shuster

Posted on September 23, 2013


      “According to the report on the study by the Forensic Center… in the books there are statements containing a positive assessment of hostilities of a group relative to another group of persons united, on the grounds of their attitude to religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims; as well as the statements of encouragement, for semantic understanding calling for hostile and violent actions of one group of people against another group of persons united by religion, in particular, Muslims against non-Muslims.”

“…the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to include the Edition to the federal list of extremist materials.”

Russians are once more becoming heroes. No matter how sad it sounds that we now have to turn to a bunch of commies and delinquent KGB officers for any common sense (‘commie-sense’), Putin has proven to be one of the few voices of reason lately. Let’s not forget that Putin warned Europe and the U.S. repeatedly for many years not to permit Muslim immigration into the countries, or they risk an endless infiltration of extremists and deliberate expansion of radical cells within the country itself by the Muslim immigrants they let in. No one listened to him.

We are firmly …read more
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