Tragically, during these times of great peril, truth is sacrificed by the politically correct, the myopic self-serving in the liberally dominated media, and the ruling class. Against this backdrop, a women of great courage and integrity labors tirelessly in speaking the truth and in the defense of liberty.

Pamela Geller’s work in objectively revealing the true nature of Islam makes her a valued champion and defender of human dignity with liberty for all, and in particular for women as longstanding victims of Islamic misogyny.

Geller methodically sheds light on the dark nature of Islamic beliefs and the barbaric practices involving the abuse of women in all ways, such as honor-killing, female genital mutilation, child sex-trafficking, forced child brides, severe abuse of homosexuals, and much more under stone-age sharia law. Her work upholds and defends the ideals of human rights.

Liberty-loving people of America and the world over owe a debt of gratitude to Pamela Geller for valiantly exposing the racist and supremacist nature of Islam, for fearlessly braving ground others dare not tread. Yet what does she get in return? A vicious and dirty hate campaign from jihadist apologists, fraudsters like the Southern Poverty Law Center, assorted left-wing whacko groups, and even some Jewish organizations like the ADL, who should know better – not to mention many threats by the Allah-following fanatics, simply because she speaks the truth about Islam.

If telling the truth about Islam is Islam-bashing, then Geller is guilty.
The fact is that the self-righteous Islamist villains, their leftist apologists, and their paid mercenaries do not trouble themselves to prove Geller wrong. Why is it that they do not disprove her naked truth about Islam?

True to form, these critics shower Geller with all kinds of unspeakable epithets. Some of the more “civil” Muslims play the victim card. These latter types let out a hue and cry to the effect that they and their religion are smeared and victimized by people like Pamela. They accuse her of being a divisive racist who enjoys slandering Islam. For good measure, they also label her a Zionist in the pay of Israel and Israeli lobbies. Who is bashing whom?

Human nature is also the culprit, in part. We humans are attracted to hate like flies are to honey. Hate is an easy sell. It gathers up the person’s or the group’s frustrations, anxieties, fears, paranoia, and many other negative emotions in one handy bundle and hurls it all at a convenient target. History is replete with instances of hate energizing the masses into the commission of small- and large-scale atrocities.

Truth is not always welcome and can often be greatly disturbing. But truth is the best weapon against evil and falsehood. When Geller points out the horrifying teachings of the Quran, she does not make them up. She cites Surahs from the Muslim Holy Book – Surahs and words that exhort Muslims …read more
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