The trail of devastation left by Hurricane  Sandy has been long and trying for those still overcoming setbacks.

Residents in Hicksville,  Long Island, took to the street on Saturday protesting the Long Island Power  Authority (LIPA) at its headquarters for ongoing power outages 12 days after the storm  hit the area — the second protest against the energy provider this  weekend.

There are still over a quarter million New  York customers without power. As of Friday more than 170,000 of those customers  were on Long Island, many of them staying in temporary shelters.

More than 500 angry LIPA customers  in  Oceanside staged a similar protest at a LIPA news conference on  Friday saying  the energy provider was giving them the run-around and  they wanted to know why, CBS  reported.

Many of the protestors were chanting ‘LIPA  sucks.’

Electric utilities have taken heat for being  slow to restore power throughout  the region. For a large number of those  without power, no electricity  means no heat, hot water or hot meals.



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