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(Arutz Sheva and 5TJT) Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, was convicted Sunday by the President of the Jerusalem Magistrate Court, Avital Chen, of misusing public funds. According to the plea deal, Netanyahu will pay a fine of NIS 5,000 and compensation to the state of NIS 45,000.

During the hearing, a representative of the State Prosecutor’s Office said that in the negotiations for a plea bargain, the State Prosecutor’s Office made significant concessions. However, he noted that Sarah Netanyahu’s admission to a criminal offense expressed responsibility for her actions.

Attorney Yossi Cohen, a defense attorney for Netanyahu, said at the hearing: “they poured out my client’s blood. NIS 20 million was spent in this investigation. They interrogated her as if she were the head of a criminal organization. What did they find at the end? A few trays.”

“I find it difficult to say what I felt about the unwritten sentence that my client received, the worst kind of punishment a person can receive. The goal was to topple her husband and the government” Cohen added. “The State Comptroller decided to make an interim report on the prime minister’s residence. This report was the signal for the hunt.”
This morning, the High Court of Justice rejected the petition of journalist Uri Misgav against the plea bargain reached between the State Prosecutor’s Office and the wife of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister wrote this on his Facebook page in response:

“What the media doesn’t tell you about my Sarah:

“In recent years, an ugly drive has been developed in the media. Whenever someone is around me, and sometimes also not around me, leaving his role or not elected for the role, the media immediately ensue in a uniform choir – “Sarah guilt” “all because of Sara”.

“It doesn’t matter that in many cases Sarah doesn’t know the people and doesn’t even know that there is an appointment procedure. For example, a new head of Mossad that met Sara for the first time in a public event came to say hello. She asked him to his name, and when he presented himself and his role, both of them broke into laughter because the media published [lies].

“It did not prevent another candidate from the head of the institution a few years later to claim that the reason that he was not appointed for the role is [because of Sara]

“Anyone who has not been appointed for the role or has caught the method – hit Sarah and the media will crown [you].

“The facts and the truth don’t matter at all. Sara became a long time ago for the media punching bag.

“The Venomous commentators in the studios repeat the words of the Abel and the sedition over and over ” well yes ״, they say in the authority of self-importance or supposedly in a deep understanding of things, ” this is Sarah again.”

“These are evil and poisonous false things.

“They are no longer satisfied with the poisonous lies about Sara. Now they also add that workers are leaving because of the “destruction” that I supposedly bring on the country.

“But today I do want to tell you a few words about my wife, an exemplary daughter for her parents z’l and a model of our son I want to tell you, dear friends, what the media hides from you close to twenty years:

“For Sara walking three times a week, year after year, for her work as a psychologist in the public service. She goes quietly and in the middle, far from the camera, to help the children and their parents.

“For after hours of work she helps children with cancer, bereaved families, lone soldiers, Holocaust survivors and many other people who need help. She is not only meeting with them once; sometimes it is a connection of escort, support and friendship that lasts for years.

“I want to tell you also about the deep and positive impression that Sarah is leaving on the leaders of the world during the country’s visit overseas. And on the wonderful and warm path in which she hosts dozens of leaders from the world at the Prime Minister’s residence.

“Recently she represented Israel together with the foreign ministry delegation on a humanitarian state mission to Guatemala after the disaster of the volcano there. She went out there at the invitation of the wife of Guatemala, which she also hosted for a rematch in Israel just a few weeks ago

“On all of this, citizens of Israel, you will hardly hear a word in the media.

“But we draw forces from many of you, your support and your love on social networks and in the most exciting meeting You are not affected by the false noise of the media and from the shameful stillness of women’s rights organizations.

“And here is the most amazing thing: I don’t know any woman or wife that would stand for decades under an endless meter of false and evil slurs like this and murder such character – stands with them and continues to help the needy, to be a devoted mother to our

“My beloved wife.
“You are a real hero.”

The judges ruled that Misgav did not exhaust the procedures required before filing the petition, and added that “the petition should be rejected also because it does not reveal any grounds for the intervention of this court. With regard to the strength of the evidence held by the state, whether with regard to the level of punishment to which the respondent (Sara Netanyahu) would have been expected had it not been for the plea bargain.”

At the end of the judgment, the judges noted, “It is not superfluous to say that we do not express any position regarding the plea bargain on its own merits, and the Magistrate’s Court held that when deciding whether to approve or reject it, he will transfer the plea bargain under his review, as required by law.”


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