By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Mention “Sweet and Chewy” to anyone who has tasted these indescribably delicious treats and you are sure to elicit unabashed praise. Indeed, since Nathan Spira and Avigdor Klein pooled their business acumen and talents to create Chewy, Inc., the company behind what has arguably become one of the hottest new products on the kosher market, they have amassed an ever-growing customer base.

Masterfully crafted from quality ingredients, Sweet and Chewy treats are available in a beautiful array of arrangements and sizes and may be customized to specification. Created with meticulous attention to every detail, each mouthwatering delicacy is a veritable culinary masterpiece. Little wonder that discerning hosts have, since its inception, made Sweet and Chewy their platters of choice to enhance events.

What inspired Messrs. Spira and Klein to create this unique taste sensation was the desire to put a new spin on an old classic. “We took a traditional and beloved family favorite, Rice Krispies with peanut chews, which has long been almost exclusively created at home, requiring a great deal of preparation, and raised it to a new level. We use only the finest, freshest quality ingredients and have refined it into a premium gourmet item. We have held tastings in stores throughout the Five Towns and Brooklyn, and the response has been enthusiastic. People are very excited about the product; it’s a fresh new concept that they don’t see every day. Our platters are available in different sizes, and make beautiful centerpieces for Shabbos and yom tov, as well as unique gifts from guests to their hosting families, that are sure to be appreciated and remembered long after the visit.”

With Purim fast approaching, Sweet and Chewy presentations make the perfect mishloach manos; truly unique, exquisite, and sublime! If you want to send something different and sure to be treasured by its recipient, you will want to make Sweet and Chewy your mishlaoch manos source this Purim.

Stunning in presentation, Sweet and Chewy treats are also available in bowls, with a “chocolate look,” as well as in small, convenient-sized packages that are perfect for snacks any time of day (or night!). Sweet arrangements in pink or blue are the perfect means of welcoming your precious newborn into your heart.

Chewy, Inc. has both retail and wholesale divisions, the latter distributing products to caterers, institutions, and stores. Please visit your local kosher supermarket or store to view the stellar selection of Sweet and Chewy treats. If you are unable to locate the products or find what you are looking for, please request Sweet and Chewy or call 718-838-1400. Sweet and Chewy transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Savor the taste experience! v


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