(JNS.org) Jewish-American actress Scarlett Johansson is stepping down as a global ambassador for the human rights group Oxfam International, which had criticized her for serving as pitch woman for Israeli carbonated beverage company SodaStream. Johansson’s decision comes ahead of the airing of her SodaStream commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.

“Scarlett Johansson has respectfully decided to end her ambassador role with Oxfam after eight years,” said a statement released Wednesday by Johansson’s spokesman. “She and Oxfam have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. She is very proud of her accomplishments and fundraising efforts during her tenure with Oxfam.”

Oxfam International took issue with Johansson’s SodaStream deal due to its opposition to “all trade from Israeli settlements.” SodaStream has long been the target of pro-Palestinian groups for operating a factory in Ma’ale Adumim, which is across the Green Line east of Jerusalem. But at the factory, SodaStream employs many Palestinian workers and has an on-site mosque.

“I remain a supporter of economic cooperation and social interaction between a democratic Israel and Palestine,” Johansson said last week. “SodaStream is a company that is not only committed to the environment but to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, supporting neighbors working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights.”

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Source: JNS.org


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