YCQ eighth grade graduation Credit: Maxine Lipshitz

Chagigot B’not Mitzvah at YCQ

By Esther Nazarov, grade 6

Chagigot B’not Mitzvah at YCQ

On Tuesday, June 4, the sixth-grade girls of YCQ had their annual Chagigot B’not Mitzvah program. The girls each researched where their name came from. Michal Katz said, “I was named after Dovid HaMelech’s wife. She was a hero because she saved Dovid’s life.”

The students raised money for an orphanage called Ulpanat Yavneh. During the year, the girls each played a role in raising funds. They ran bake sales, made posters, and sold candy and mishloach manot, putting their 100-percent effort into it. Heidi Birnbaum, sixth grade student, said, “I believe that supporting Ulpanat Yavneh is important so we can help people like us in need.” Ruby Samson stated, “The B’not Mitzvah program made me realize that some people aren’t as fortunate as us. The program made me feel good knowing that I helped over a thousand girls.”

YCQ chagigot bnot mitzvah

With the help and guidance of Morah Leemor Abraham, the girls were prepared and the program was a success. As a token to remember the special day, the b’not mitzvah each received a women’s siddur, a portrait with their namesake, and a book put together with all the girls’ research on where their names came from, and what they are going to commit to as they become bat mitzvah. The idea behind the namesake project is to help the girls make a connection to where their name came from and to live up to their names.

The YCQ Girls Torah Bowl Team

By Sarah Owadeyah

The YCQ girls’ Torah Bowl Team won their playoffs and got into the championship tournament. During the year, the YCQ middle-school students worked hard learning extra Torah to prepare themselves to compete against other yeshivot in competitions throughout the year. The team came in second place in the playoffs and played against the third-place team, Ramaz. They won, and then they played the first-place team, Yeshivah of Flatbush. Winning both these matches brought the team to the championships.

To prepare for the playoffs, the students had to learn parshiyot Ki Tisa, Vayakhel, and Pekudei. In Ki Tisa they learned about the sin of the golden calf. In Vayakhel they learned about the vessels and measurements of the Mishkan. In Pekudei they also learned about the garments of the kohen gadol and the kohanim. They were very excited that they made it into the championship round of Torah Bowl, but were very nervous because they had to learn the entire book of Sh’mot and study all the Rashis that go along with it. Esther Nazarov, a Torah Bowl team member said, “I felt excited because it was my first year on the Torah Bowl team and we already got into the championships.”

Each member worked hard and was prepared for the championship match. YCQ competed against Kushner, YNJ, and Shulamit. Though YCQ didn’t place during the championship match, a good effort was put in by every player and all the teams. The members felt they tried their best and were very proud of all they accomplished this year.


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