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Interview With ‘Who Will Write Our History’ Producer Roberta Grossman

By Michele Justic first published January 2019 In honor of Yom Hashoah, the Peninsula Public Library will participate in the 2019 Global Screening Event of "Who Will Write Our History," based...

Are You High on PDP?

By Robert Remin No, PDP is not a drug; it stands for Prescription Drug Plan. For those of you in or about to enter the Medicare-eligible market, chances are high...

Medicare Myths Exposed — Reality Calls

By Robert Remin First, thank you, 5TJT readers. Your responses to my recent articles and ads have been overwhelming. I thank those of you who are now clients for your...

Medicare HD: A Gap Plan to Save You Money

By Robert Remin After reading the headline to this article, most of you are probably wondering what Medicare HD is. (Nope, the HD doesn’t stand for high definition.) The odds...

Medicare Myth #5 Comes Alive

By Robert Remin “Who Ya Gonna Call?” In the fall of 2018, I wrote an article for 5TJT called “Medicare Myths: Who Not to Listen to for Medicare Plans.” Last month...

Medicare Myths: Who Not To Listen To For Medicare Plans

By Robert Remin Before I reveal some more Medicare myths, I want to thank 5TJT readers for the overwhelming response to the first Medicare Myths article. Whether contacting me only...

Medicare Myths: Untangling the Medicare Media Blitz

By Robert Remin As an expert on appropriate Medicare plans for my clients, if I had a penny for all the Medicare Myths I keep hearing from those who become...

The Medicare Sufganiyah/Donut Hole

Part D Coverage Gap And Catastrophic Coverage By Robert Remin Whether you have an Advantage or Supplement/Medigap plan, your Part D Prescription Drugs are subject to reaching The Donut Hole and...

More Medicare Guidance: Deciphering Part D-Prescription Drugs

By Robert Remin If you are in (or about to be in) the Medicare-eligible market and will not continue receiving your health insurance from your job, you will need a...

Do You Understand Medicare Advantage, Medigap, and Supplement Plans?

By Robert Remin What You Hear And See Is Not Always What You Get Last week, two friends and I were discussing their Medicare coverage. One friend told me she never...
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Motherhood Methodology And Minefields

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Motherhood is an emotional minefield sometimes. I can be doing the most ordinary task and suddenly, I find myself in a puddle...


By Larry Gordon There are two sides to every story and an equal number if not more to every construction project. There is always construction...

Twenty-Eight Years

By Yochanan Gordon Last week, while reviewing the theme for my article with my father and publisher, he stopped me, saying, “Aren’t you going to...


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