Senator Felder Appointed To Committees Overseeing Education, Seniors, And Individuals With Special Needs

State Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) has been appointed to committees that include areas of longtime advocacy and local community interest. Senator Felder will serve on the following Senate committees: NYC Education, Aging, Mental Health, Disabilities, and Social Services Committees.

“These committees represent issues of major interest to the people in the 17th Senate District,” said Senator Felder. “Seniors, students, and individuals with special needs are among the hardest-hit by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to provide the help and support they deserve.”

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said, “Senator Felder brings an important perspective and experience to our Majority and to the committees on which he serves. I am proud to reappoint Senator Felder as chair of the Senate Administrative Regulations Review Commission so that he can continue the good work he did during the past Legislative Session. As a member of the Senate Democratic Majority, Senator Felder is helping to move New York State forward through this pandemic and economic crisis.”

“I thank Leader Stewart-Cousins for her confidence in me,” concluded Senator Felder. “As part of these prestigious committees I can best advocate on behalf of my constituents, and all New Yorkers, on so many important issues.”

Effectively acting as the legislature’s watchdog, ARRC is responsible for monitoring the rules and regulatory actions of all State agencies to ensure their efficacy and legality. As the Commission’s chairman, Senator Felder is in a powerful position to combat regulations that hinder the economic growth and health of communities, businesses, and all New Yorkers. 

Miller: We Need To Be Realistic About Our State Finances

Assemblywoman Melissa “Missy” Miller (R,C,I-Atlantic Beach) commented on Gov. Cuomo’s proposed 2021 State Budget:

“Gov. Cuomo shared his 2021 Executive Budget today, and it was disappointing to see him talk about the need for unity yet continue to point the finger at others for his own failures.

“The governor’s proposed budget plan was filled with a wish list of ideas that is entirely contingent on a full $15 billion bailout from the federal government. Instead, he should have delved into more detail about his stated Plan B if New York receives just $6 billion in aid. The governor only brushed on talks of budget cuts, but we have a right to know where these cuts could potentially take place and how much are we looking at. Like Gov. Cuomo, I want to see our state survive these unprecedented times, but we need to be realistic about our financial situation—not planning on a full bailout.

“If New York does end up receiving the full $15 billion in funding, I would hope and pray that the governor doesn’t move forward with cuts to the disabled, seniors, and others who have been affected so negatively by cuts that have already been made. It would be wonderful to see funding restored to programs that are so necessary to these vulnerable populations.” 

RAA Wishes Success To President Joseph Biden And Vice-President Kamala Harris

The Rabbinical Alliance of America–Igud HaRabbonim, representing over 950 American rabbis, wishes success to President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on assuming the mantle of leadership of the United States of America, serving as the world’s leaders of freedom, democracy, and justice. Inauguration Day represents hope, opportunity, a new beginning.

As this new administration begins its work, the country faces many daunting challenges. We pray that Heaven guide the president and vice president to lead this great country from the dark times of the pandemic to the sunlight of a healthy world full of optimism, faith, resilience, and love. May the president and vice president be bestowed from Heaven with the wisdom and fortitude to unite America from its current divisiveness and strife.

Leadership requires a sharp eye, perceptive ear, loving heart, and keen acumen. The Rabbinical Alliance of America prays that the L-rd bless America’s government and leadership with these much-needed gifts. May the L-rd pour out His blessings on this land and its president, vice president, judges, officers, and officials, as they work faithfully for the public good. May the L-rd grant them the wisdom and strength to successfully fulfill their duties with dignity, so that peace, tranquility, happiness, and freedom will never depart from our land.

We pray that the L-rd bestows the spirit of peace and liberty on all the inhabitants of our land, and plant love, fellowship, peace, and friendship between the different communities and faiths that dwell here. May it be the L-rd’s will that our country be a blessing for all who live on earth, and that fellowship and liberty shine forth to the world. 


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