Hundreds are expected to join and enjoy the amazing oneg Shabbos tisch that the Rebbe will hold next Friday night. The great Shabbos will take place on Parashas Korach, June 11, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Eliezer and Suzan Schwimmer at 547 Church Avenue in Woodmere at 9:30. The most special part of the tisch is during the famous Kiddush which the Rebbe performs. It is well-known that the Rebbe’s Kiddush is capable of bringing about great miracles. The emotive singing and dancing at the Rebbe’s tischim elevate participants to a standard of “me’ein oilam ha’ba!” This will be followed with an abundance of divrei Torah and hashkafah.

A son born in the merit of the Shabbos tisch. A Monsey resident relates his experience in his own words. “Ten years ago, I was already married for several years, a happy family with four healthy daughters. However, my wife and I both yearned for a son. I gave the Rebbe a kvittel which listed the names of our family. The Biale Rebbe looked at the kvittel and asked, ‘What about a boy?’ I answered that my wife and I would be delighted to have a boy. The Rebbe, shlita, responded, ‘Come to my tisch. Friday night is a time for yeshuos!’ That Friday night, I took part in the oneg Shabbos tisch. A large crowd participated, enjoying the Rebbe’s divrei Torah and zemiros. Suddenly the Rebbe lifted his eyes and searched through the crowd as if searching for someone specific. The Rebbe looked to all directions until he caught my eye. The Rebbe took a piece of bone from the fish which he had just eaten, gave it to me, and instructed, ‘Take a bein’ (“bone” in Yiddish is a bein, whereas bein is the Hebrew word for “boy”). After the tisch, the Rebbe spoke privately with me and told me which kabbalah to undertake. The miracle was imminent! Less than a year passed when I found myself standing outside the labor room excitedly calling the Rebbe in Bnei Brak. “Mazal tov!’ I screamed. ‘I have a son!’ 

“‘Mazel tov,’ the Rebbe answered. ‘I already know!’”

Havdalah and Melaveh Malkah on Motzaei Shabbos in Lawrence. The Havdalah ceremony which takes place in the presence of a huge crowd is a most uplifting event. Masses throng from afar to join the Rebbe in these elevating moments and to hear the Rebbe expand on the blessings which the past Shabbos bestows on its observers for the coming week. Locals who play a musical instrument bring their instruments and accompany the Rebbe’s Havdalah with moving holy songs, after which the crowd receives the leftovers of the Havdalah cup which is known for its capability to bring salvation. The Rebbe will then bless the entire holy crowd for a good week.

The Havdalah ceremony and melaveh malkah will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott and Chavie Mandelbaum, 9 Harborview West in Lawrence at 10:15. Players of musical instruments are invited to bring their instruments.

During the Friday-night tisch and on motzaei Shabbos, the ladies’ section will be open and ladies are welcome.

Now the residents of Five Towns have this unique opportunity. If you have not yet had the merit of meeting the Rebbe and would like to book an appointment for a personal consultation, a blessing, or advice, call the Rebbe’s private secretary, Rabbi Moshe Freidman (English-speaking), at 917-272-4045 or e-mail

The Rebbe will be here for another few days; don’t miss this opportunity. 


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