Chanukah at Midreshet Shalhevet this year was quite the festival!

After a rejuvenating long weekend break, the girls at Shalhevet returned to school and celebrated Chanukah with an extraordinary chagigah. The students got a kick out of the photo booth, dressing up, and taking pictures with their friends. There was a gourmet lunch from BOGO, complete with an array of salads, pastas, and chocolate gelt.

The girls then danced away in a glow-in-the-dark party to music provided by Gary Wallin. The ruach was everywhere as the students enjoyed dancing with each other. Mrs. Eisenman, Mrs. Lisker, Mrs. Morey, and Morah Schulman joined in on the party and danced with the girls. The chagigah wrapped up with a school-wide kumzitz, but the fun did not stop there!

The festivities continued Wednesday evening, as each grade had their own chagigah at a teacher’s home: the ninth graders at Morah Schulman, tenth graders at Mrs. Fried, the eleventh graders at Mrs. Skaist, and the seniors at Mrs. Fischbein. More fun was had by all, as the students in each grade were able to bond with each other, play fun games, and eat a scrumptious dinner.

To finish off the wonderful week, the freshmen and seniors put together a fabulous chagigah for the students of Temple Hillel. They played Chanukah Trivia, decorated doughnuts, and created an art project. The students at Temple Hillel loved the chagigah. They appreciated the hard work and time that the Shalhevet girls put into organizing a fun-filled event that also taught them the meaning of Chanukah. v


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