North Shore Debate

The MSH Debate Stars’ first debate of the year, hosted by North Shore Hebrew Academy, discussed the topic of Citizens United v. FEC, a Supreme Court case involving indirect corporate contributions to political campaigns. The MSH Debate Stars spent weeks researching the case and working on presentations for their respective sides. Senior Penina Spearman and junior Esther Conway sided with the affirmative, arguing that that the case must be overturned in order to protect the people from corporate interests. Debate captain senior Sarah Spielman and sophomore Elisheva Conway, the MSH negative team, argued that the case must be upheld because it protects a corporation’s fundamental rights. After three intense rounds of debate against various yeshiva high schools, the MSH negative team was victorious, winning the award for second-best team of all the teams at the competition. Sarah Spielman won Best Overall Speaker, and Elisheva Conway won Second-Best Overall Speaker.

Undefeated Debate Stars At Ezra

The topic of the second debate of the year was something on all students’ minds: should a school week be four days instead of five.

The negative team, sophomore Elisheva Conway and junior Staci Steinfeld, and affirmative team, seniors Penina Spearman and Eliana Hirsch, were completely undefeated! Both teams won both of their rounds. The negative team bested SAR and KTA, and the affirmative team was successful against Flatbush and KTA.

Shalhevet is so proud of the hard work and preparation all the girls put in to achieve these impressive results, and to faculty adviser Ira Schildkraut for all his work in helping them!


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