What better time is there than Aseret Yemei Teshuvah to learn about being tzanuah? On Tuesday September 10, the Shalhevet girls learned the true meaning of tzniyut. Shalhevet held a schoolwide yom iyun, teaching the girls the importance of tzniyut and the meaning behind it. The girls were first addressed by Tanach teacher Hindy Feder who went over the philosophy behind the concepts. Mrs. Jessie Fischbein, 11th-grade Chumash teacher, then related her personal story of transformation that left the girls speechless. They were all so impressed by how important tzniyut is to Mrs. Fischbein and how she dedicated herself to her personal growth. Afterwards the girls were divided by grade and furthered the discussion through questions and debate with different faculty members. They were presented with various articles from famous bloggers and business executives who wrote about the true essence of beauty, which all corresponded to the way a bat Yisrael dresses. The girls really enjoyed the yom iyun and truly gained from the experience. v


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