At the Shalhevet open house
At the Shalhevet open house
At the Shalhevet open house

On Sunday, October 6, Shalhevet High School held their annual open house and had their largest turnout ever. The rooms filled up quickly as girls from 17 different schools came to see how amazing Shalhevet really is.

The event began with tenth-grader Avital Weinberg welcoming everyone and sharing her reasons for why Shalhevet is a terrific high school. She then introduced rosh yeshiva Rabbi Friedman, who shared Shalhevet’s mission: it’s a small school by design that does not fit any specific mold. A school that is warm, nurturing, and inspires individual growth. A school that encourages girls to pursue any profession they choose while adhering to a Torah framework.

Ninth-grader Avigail Borah expressed her love for Shalhevet after only a few days at school, due to the easy transition the girls and teachers created for her. Assistant Principal Shaindy Lisker spoke about what a true Shalhevet girl really is, exemplifying her midot, chesed, and ahavat Yisrael. Students Meira Nussbaum (tenth grade) and Devora Chait (eleventh grade) then took the floor to rave about all of the incredible extracurricular activities that Shalhevet offers, from sports, to mock trial, to the play, and more!

The college guidance director, Mr. Ira Schildkraut, explained to parents and students the importance of having an early start on college and the PSAT, SAT, and application process. Students Daniella Azose (eleventh grade) and Malka Marmer (twelfth grade) described the outstanding AP and elective courses that are offered at Shalhevet. They also mentioned how Mrs. Eisenman’s office is always open and finds the time to address the needs of each girl.

Mrs. Eisenman then wrapped up the speeches by sharing how remarkable all of the girls in Shalhevet are, from their impressive SAT and AP scores to the top-notch schools that they are accepted to afterward, and their true love for all of Am Yisrael. Teachers were highlighted as the backbone of the school, challenging each student at her level.

Following the speeches, the parents and students took part in mini class lessons led by Chumash teacher Morah Schulman, math teacher Mr. Kelly, Zionism teacher Rabbi Eliach, Torah sheb’al peh teacher Rabbi Schneeweiss, and science teacher Mr. Rada.

All of the parents and students were then invited to the ballroom, where they enjoyed soups and salads from Qcumbers, and each girl received her very own Shalhevet sweatshirt. Shalhevet teachers and students were present to answer questions and share more about what a wonderful school Shalhevet is. With the crowd overflowing, it truly was a phenomenal day. Shalhevet looks forward to welcoming the class of 2018! v


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