Support for Nigerian Girls. Students of Midreshet Shalhevet took the mitzvah of v’halachta bedrachav (emulating the actions of Hashem) to a great level. Upon hearing of the abduction of over 300 Nigerian girls, the students felt that something must be done. They did not want to hear about these girls suffering anymore and decided to stand up for them. They approached the administration with the idea to rally on behalf of the girls in hopes to draw more attention to the situation. The Shalhevet students created banners and posters, and contacted media outlets to ensure that it would be a success. On Wednesday, May 28, they headed to the Nigerian Consulate in Manhattan to show their support for the Nigerian captive girls. With their banners and posters in hand, the girls chanted “Save our sisters,” “Bring them home,” and “Take action now” in an effort to pressure the Nigerian government to do everything possible to set every girl free.

Freshmen Sarah Schindler and Yocheved Jacobs said, “We are here to let the world know that regardless of race, creed, or religion, we stand united with our sisters in Nigeria and pray for their quick release.” Noa Eliach, sophomore, stated, “As Americans we are fortunate to not be exposed to such dangerous and radical situations. We are lucky to be able to live freely. But that does not mean we should allow other girls our age to go unnoticed. We have to use our liberties to help them.” Rosh Mesivta Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman remarked, “Freedom and tolerance is a basic human value. All students are entitled to an education that opens their eyes to the world. The actions of the terrorist groups are unconscionable and must be roundly condemned. Our students are here today to express their solidarity with their sisters across the ocean.”

Congressional candidate Bruce Blakeman joined Midreshet Shalhevet in promoting awareness for captured Nigerian girls. He stated that these girls face more and more danger each day and we must continue to show our support in order to help set the girls free. He was impressed by how committed and devoted the Shalhevet students were to helping those they do not know and do not have any connection to. He commended the girls on their great leadership skills in bringing more attention to this horrible situation.

The Shalhevet students created a Kiddush Hashem as many passersby stopped to watch and join the protest. One woman had tears in her eyes as she joined the protest. She was so proud that young American girls cared so deeply for their sisters in Africa. She was astounded when Mrs. Eisenman told her it was the students’ idea.

As it says in Ashrei: ”V’rachamav al kol ma’asav” (Hashem has compassion on all of His creations). We know that Hashem wants us to help these girls out of their terrible predicament. Midreshet Shalhevet hopes that the Nigerian Consulate heard the message loud and clear.

Celebrate Israel Parade. To mark the 50th anniversary of the Israel Day Parade, and to celebrate the 66th birthday of the State of Israel, the students, faculty, and alumni of Midreshet Shalhevet joined to march in the celebration on June 1. Dressed in their white and yellow T-shirts, the girls cheered, clapped, and waved to the crowd as they paraded down Fifth Avenue. In preparation for the parade, some of the students created a beautiful banner filled with Magen Davids to carry. Shalhevet strongly supports Israel and decided that it was especially important to participate this year so that the NIF would not be able to cause all mainstream Orthodox groups to withdraw and deprive Israel of the strong public show of support that the parade provides. The Shalhevet students were proud to show their love and support for Israel and were thrilled to be a part of the parade. v


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