x3Look out, Heidi Klum–the girls at Midreshet Shalhevet are rocking the latest fashion trend: Tzniyut! This past week, the girls at Shalhevet held their first Fashion Week. Each day the girls dressed up in their most fashion-forward and tzniyut outfit to fit the theme of the day. Ranging from formal wear and business attire to Shabbos afternoon and casual Sunday, the girls were “dressed to the nines.” Every student then voted on who they thought was best dressed, which led to a runway show on Friday with all the finalists. The finalists all looked incredible as they sashayed their way down the platform in the school auditorium. Congratulations to Tali Roth for winning first place and receiving a $25 gift certificate to Forever 21! Runners-up Michal Ben Shabat and Tali Wilder received gift cards as well. All of the girls recognized that you can be stylish for every occasion without compromising on tzniyut. v


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