“Around the World” was the theme at the Shalhevet Shabbaton.
“Around the World” was the theme at the Shalhevet Shabbaton.
“Around the World” was the theme at the Shalhevet Shabbaton.

Midreshet Shalhevet held its annual schoolwide Shabbaton this past weekend at Capital Camps in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. After a fun bus ride up, the students arrived at the gorgeous grounds, where they settled down and enjoyed a delicious lunch before preparing for Shabbos.

Friday night began with a magnificent davening as the students all sang melodiously together, which they continued to do throughout the meal. Mrs. Eisenman began the program with opening remarks and then led a panel discussion along with Morah Schulman, Rabbi Schneeweiss, Mrs. Feder, and Ms. Blumenthal. The students were able to ask any questions or share thoughts that were on their mind and have it answered by the faculty members. The Shabbaton heads then led an entertaining game of “Shalhevet Jeopardy,” which was followed by a beautiful oneg.

Shabbos morning began with a marvelous davening. Following davening, each grade had a session with a different faculty member discussing life after high school, and cultural influences. Lunch was spectacular, filled with great food and inspiring divrei Torah from Mrs. Jessie Fischbein and Shoshi Gross. Afterward, the girls were able to relax and enjoy the grounds until shalosh seudos, where everyone partook in a beautiful kumzitz.

After Havdalah, everyone changed into costumes for the “Around the World”-themed melaveh malkah. The faculty dressed up as Israelis, while some of the students were sailors, Hawaiians with grass skirts and leis, and Mickey and Minnie! Pizza, ziti, and ice cream were served while the girls danced away. Ruach and laughter filled the room as everyone joined in on the fun. As the night wound down, the seniors enjoyed a bonfire, as they reminisced about the wonderful times they had in Shalhevet. On Sunday morning, the girls did not want to leave, as they’d experienced a most fun-filled and exciting Shabbaton! v


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