Weight Watchers just released a new campaign called “Fight Hunger”.

They will donate a percentage of money equal to the amount of weight loss recorded at their meetings.

So far, so good.

You are probably wondering, who the recipients of this noble cause will be? wonder no more, it will go to a handful of 3rd world countries which suffer of poverty, including the children of  OCCUPIED PALESTINE AND THE TERRITORIES!!!

If you are offended by this, feel free to let them then know at 800-651-6000 or email them at www.weightwatchers.com

Source: 5TJT Staff – (Sondra)




  1. not to make a light of this, but is the latest trend, it seems a lot of major companies have started using this politically correct term.

    The Muslim PR has become very strong while we just are quiet, and that’s not a good thing

  2. Weight Watchers is not concerned too much with Jewish clients, they are more concerned with what brings money.

    The world is close to 40% Muslim compared to .0001% Jewish. Do the math.


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