At the Siyum HaShas in 5774, the Sanzer Rebbe, who is also the head of Mif’al HaShas, addressed the gathering and commented that never in Jewish history has there ever been a yeshiva or kollel where each of the avreichim knows the entire Shas and completes it every year as is done at Shas Yiden.

“There are many institutions and organizations across the world promoting advanced learning of Torah and the study of Shas. However, an institution like this [Shas Yiden], established and led by the Pozna Rov, shlita, in which all the scholars learn the entire Shas every year, has never been known to exist!

“And if I would not have witnessed it myself, and I am also personally acquainted with some of the avreichim, I would not have believed that such a program could be found anywhere in the world. Great is the portion of all who support this holy endeavor, in both this world and the next!”


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