Shi'ite Houthi rebels ride on a truck at the compound of the army's First Armoured Division, after they took over it, in SanaaBy 5TJT Staff
Chamberlain ceded Czechoslovakia, we have just given up Yemen.
Chamberlain’s capitulation was to Hitler. Ours is to Shiite Muslims bent on taking over entire countries. First Iraq, the debacle in Syria, and now Yemen.
This is a textbook case of how not to run a foreign policy.
Has the United States gone completely mad? The turn of events in the past week is utterly astounding, and the United States — once the most powerful nation in the world — the beacon of democracy and moral rectitude in the world has become a shadow of its former self.
Did Yemen really just fall to Iran-sponsored Shiite rebels? Does President Obama understand what foreign policy means? How could he let this happen? Where is the State Department? How can we have just let an entire country fall to terrorists?
And then we see that USA TODAY reports:
“Meanwhile, the State Department said it currently had no plans for a government-sponsored evacuation of American citizens but urged extreme caution amid an ongoing risk of kidnapping.”
What? No evacuation? In essence we are saying, “Americans, you are on your own, Get out of the country yourself – but be careful you can be kidnapped! Oh, and here you go, rebels. Take our armed vehicles, please.”
So that’s it? Goodbye?
At the blink of an eye, we abandon our ally of but a month ago, President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who stood side by side with us in the fight against Al Kheida? And all this through the hand of Iran, which didn’t even obscure its role.
What message is this giving to the world? What are we saying to the enemies of freedom? More importantly, what are we saying to friends and allies that are fighting terror?
And now the Shiite rebel government is in, as England, France, and the United States, shutter their embassies. Did we not learn any lesson when we left Iraq to its own devices by prematurely pulling out and allowing ISIS to take over?
Did we not learn any lesson when we did not involve ourselves in Syria and allowed ISIS to take over?
So now Iran, who backs up terrorist insurgents everywhere, who destroyed the once beautiful Lebanon with their support of Hezbollah, who is now in charge of Yemen, now wants a nuclear bomb deal.
“Shut-up Mr. Netanyahu, we know what we are doing. Don’t tell us not to sign a nuclear deal with a country that just engineered the complete takeover of Yemen just this week! We trust Iran. We want to sign a deal with iran before this administration is out. So no Mr. Netanyahu, don’t come to Congress and if you do we are going to boycott you.”
There is no one at the helm and we are the Titanic running into not one but four simultaneous foreign policy icebergs.
To reverse paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, “Never before has so much damage been done to so many, by so few.”
May the All Merciful G-d save us all.


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