Shia Getter
Shia Getter
Shia Getter

By Larry Gordon

Navigating your way through the real-estate rental or purchase maze of Jerusalem can be a dizzying and sometimes frightening experience. That’s where Shia Getter and his real-estate group come into the picture. The Getter Group makes everything doable, especially when you are attempting to enact such a significant transaction from such a long distance as New York or elsewhere in the U.S.

For those who already own apartments in Israel–and Shia works around the country (Israel is a relatively small country)–the Getter Group is there to help oversee and manage your apartment with dependable rentals as well as other issues apartment owners or other homeowners in Israel might have.

Shia is personable and communicates a fine and detailed understanding of the Israel real-estate market. When we sat down recently while he was in New York, he demonstrated a crystal-clear grasp of how one should approach the process of purchasing real estate in Israel.

One thing is certain–and this could be true about real-estate purchases anywhere, but especially in Israel–there are very complex tax implications in this type of process. Shia explained the options and ways in which to minimize the tax bite with a fine understanding of the process.

Whether you are seriously considering a purchase in Israel or are about to do so, it would certainly be helpful to have someone like Mr. Getter on your side. For more information and contact numbers, visit v


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