Nov 19 2014

Mike Huckabee

Even in a part of the world where anti-Semitic brutality is commonplace, yesterday’s attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem was shocking. Two Palestinian terrorists attacked Jews in their place of worship with cleavers and a gun. They killed four worshipers and injured eight more in a bloody melee before being gunned down by police.

This attack was especially shocking because it’s not only the deadliest attack in Jerusalem since 2008, it’s also the first in living memory to occur inside a synagogue (although CNN’s headline mistakenly labeled it a “deadly attack on Jerusalem mosque”). Jews are accustomed to dealing with security checks in just about every public spot, but the idea of having to post armed guards at a place of worship seemed repellent. Tragically, it’s not as repellent as the people who are eager to kill Jews at any opportunity, so it might have to become the norm from now on.

While most officials in the region condemned the attack for the atrocity it clearly was, some Palestinians in the streets of Gaza reportedly celebrated, passing out sweets and waving cleavers and posters of the murderers in tribute. Palestinian radio hailed them as martyrs. Mosques blared congratulations through loudspeakers. Hamas reverted to their default position of blaming the Jews for absolutely everything by claiming that the tension they created by occupying Gaza makes them responsible for the vicious attack on innocent Jews who were worshiping inside a holy synagogue in Jerusalem.

Israeli authorities are vowing a swift and strong response. If anyone at the UN or the US State Department has any notions of again pressuring Israel to “show restraint” and try to compromise with hate-filled monsters who happily slaughter innocent Jews while they are praying inside a synagogue, then I would suggest they “show restraint” and keep their stupid mouths shut for a change.


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