US Supreme Court refuses to consider whether Sholom Rubashkin's 27-year sentence on charges of financial fraud is excessive. Case has sparked outcry from members of legal, haredi communities

The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by the former chief executive of a kosher meat packing plant in Iowa who was sentenced to 27 years in prison on charges of financial fraud.

Without comment, the high court refused to consider whether Sholom Rubashkin’s sentence was excessive for a first-time, nonviolent offender and whether he was entitled to a new trial based on evidence of alleged judicial misconduct in the case.

The case had sparked an outcry from members of the legal and Orthodox Jewish communities who supported Rubashkin’s quest for a new trial.

Rubashkin was convicted in 2009 of 86 counts of financial fraud that came to light after a government raid on the former Agriprocessors Inc plant in Postville, Iowa, in which hundreds of immigrant workers were arrested.

US Supreme Court refuses to consider whether Sholom Rubashkin’s 27-year sentence on charges of financial fraud is excessive. Case has sparked outcry from members of legal, haredi communities

On appeal, Rubashkin argued that he was entitled to a new trial after documents obtained through a freedom of information request allegedly revealed that the trial judge had been involved in planning the government raid.The 8th US Circuit of Appeals in St. Louis had rejected Rubashkin’s request in 2011.

Rubashkin’s lawyer, Paul Clement, was not immediately available for comment.

Numerous groups submitted amicus briefs in support of Rubashkin, including 86 former attorneys general, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a group of 40 legal ethics professors.

The case is Rubashkin v. USA, No. 11-1203.

Source: Ynet News


  1. This is blatantly antisemitism. Every single former General Attorney, prosecutor signed off on this verdict that it was unjust, and yet they didn’t even have the time to review it?

    This is not a mistake, this is a well-planned government theme of punishing him, when the original case even fell apart

    Yemach Shmom, the USA is going own a similar route some countries took in the 30s

  2. this is impossible. What kind of justice is this to receive 27 years when a murderer does not get it.

    From the very beginning they were looking to make him into a scape goat and punish him at any cost shame on the USA!

  3. He did crime and new he did crime
    When he was caught dead to rights he didn’t take the plea
    When he didn’t take the plea he didn’t cooperate
    When he didn’t cooperate he concealed evidence
    When he went to trial he lied to the Court
    When he was convicted he showed no remorse
    When he showed no remorse he also made no restitution
    When he got a sentence that was right in the middle of the Federal guidelines for ONE offense (he was convicted of dozens) he tried to intimidate the Court through political pressure

    He should not be surprised at the outcome
    And he shouldn’t be surprised the Supreme Court denied cert. That’s what they do in cases like this

    • Tzvi, you are one pathetic human being besides for the non-merits of your comment, the very fact that you choose to mpost such a comment at a time like this shows that you are an insensitive *******.

  4. As a Jewish man i am scared to live in this country anymore. This is not a mistake and this is not something that happened. this is calculated to send a message to the Jewish people.

  5. This is indeed a very sad day for Jewish people all over the USA, anyway you slice it, this just does not add up and one must admit that there is some kind of antisemitism involved here.

    How do you explain it otherwise?


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