By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Shoresh is a year-round educational experience geared to the entire family. Founded in 1979, its extensive programming includes numerous educational activities targeting children, teens, college students, and adults, as well as events and trips, highlighted by a special seven-week summer day camp. The distinctive programming at Camp Shoresh combines the beauty and depth of a rich Jewish studies program with a wide range of physical activities.

“I was duly impressed by my onsite visit to the Shoresh campus,” said Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, rav of Congregation Shaaray Tefila. “It is truly one of the leading kiruv organizations in America. They are doing magnificent work reaching our youth with a tremendous love of Hashem, Torah, and mitzvos.”

“During our years in Baltimore my wife and I were zocheh to witness firsthand the incredible work of Rabbi David Finkelstein and his wonderful staff at Shoresh,” said Rabbi Eytan Feiner, rav of the White Shul. ”Their limitless energy, dynamism, and love, care, and commitment for all are truly inspiring and the beaming smiles accompanying the spiritual growth of the attendees of that camp and other events tell a real success story. Shoresh should teach us all what happens when you give of your ‘lev v’nefesh’ to share the joy and excitement of Yiddishkeit with Jews from all different backgrounds. May Shoresh see continued siyata dishmaya in all their tremendous avodas hakodesh for many more successful years up ahead iy’H, and may we be zocheh to play a pivotal role in assisting them along the way.”

Leaders of the Five Towns/Far Rockaway community have been very supportive of Shoresh and initiated a special fundraiser 20 years ago to help support the organization. Yanky and Debbie Brach, Dovid and Joy Devor, Ephraim and Rena Kutner, Moshe and Ariella Wolfson, and Dovid and Seema Schwab are very involved in the success of Shoresh, as well as chashuva rabbanim Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, Rabbi Eytan Feiner (as well as his rebbetzin who worked for the organization), and Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb. Please join together with your family, on Sunday, May 26 at 4:30 p.m. for a gala barbecue to benefit Shoresh. The event will be graciously hosted by Dovid and Joy Devor in their home at 636 Meehan Avenue in Far Rockaway. To learn more about this exemplary organization, visit v



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