RNSP coordinators (left to right) Elkana Edelman, Sholem Klein, and Shmueli Kassover with Rav Betzalel Korn presenting a plaque of appreciation to Eliezer “Zezzy” Fuld and his wife, Chana


On Monday night, August 26, the Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol (RNSP) was joined by some of its partners and friends from around the community to express heartfelt gratitude to the patrol volunteers and to celebrate their numerous achievements at the RNSP Member Appreciation Barbecue.

This year, there have been numerous incidents in which the work of the RNSP has directly resulted in the successful apprehension and arrest of suspects that committed burglaries, assaults, car break-ins, scams, and much more. To the everyday citizen, these crimes go unnoticed — that is, until one becomes a victim. Local law enforcement heavily relies upon and appreciates the work of the RNSP Tech Squad as well as its everyday patrol volunteers. Detectives regularly call upon the RNSP or gladly accept the proactive efforts of the RNSP Tech Squad. The work of the RNSP Tech Squad involves gathering video footage, tracking lost or stolen devices, tracking stolen credit cards, and stopping hired household help from stealing. The work of the RNSP does not end there.

RNSP members with police officers from the 101st Precinct

In our world today, sadly, there are a lot of people suffering from depression and other emotional problems. Many of these situations manifest in the form of missing-person searches and the like. The RNSP works closely with Hatzalah, local fire departments, and other emergency responders as well as with organizations such as Achiezer and the JCCRP to ensure that all sensitive matters are solved and that the privacy of those affected is respected. As was the case in the past, this year, the work of the RNSP search-and-rescue team has literally saved lives. One of the supervisors of that team, Eliezer Fuld, has worked tirelessly on many sensitive lifesaving cases. His efforts and that of his team is a complete chesed shel emes, a true kindness. It is the kind of work that serves no benefit to the one who does the act of kindness.

No praise, no social media posts, and no other forms of accolade can be given to somebody whose work must always remain quiet and private. However, at the RNSP Appreciation Barbecue, the organization had an opportunity to thank him for all that he has done without specifying what he did and how he did it. Eliezer (more commonly known as “Zezzy”) and his beautiful family made aliyah, leaving to Israel on the morning of Wednesday, August 28. The Far Rockaway and Five Towns community owes a debt of gratitude to this man, as well as to his family for allowing him to do what he does no matter what day it is or what hour he is needed.

RNSP coordinators with officers from the 101 st Precinct

Congratulations to the other honorees and all of the RNSP patrol volunteers. The following are other RNSP volunteers that were also recognized for selflessly giving of their time and effort to benefit the community: Gedaliah Hoffman, Menachem Lerer, and Channa Leah and Natan Siegel.

Gedalia Hoffman was presented with a plaque recognizing his dedication and commitment to the RNSP. He is always ready to answer the community’s calls for help. He truly understands and embodies the principle that a Shomrim member is on call 24/7.

Menachem Lerer was recognized for his dedication and service to the community as an RNSP dispatch supervisor. In addition to responding to calls and ensuring that the RNSP’s emergency hotline is up, running, and ready to be answered at all hours of the day and night, he ensures that other members have updated IDs, uniforms, plaques, and the more vital tools they need to serve the community to the extent that they do.

Channa Leah and Natan Seigel were honored for their dedication and service to the community and the RNSP. Natan is always ready to take on even the most obscure job and somehow has the tools to get it done. Chana Leah is the day-to-day backbone of the RNSP, ensuring that the clerical work and all behind-the-scenes arrangements are in place so that the organization can continue to serve the community. As if that is not enough, this husband-and-wife team manages to log a great deal of calls. They truly are a dynamic duo!

Most importantly, many thanks go out to the significant others of all RNSP volunteers who selflessly allow their loved ones to help the community even when it is highly inconvenient.

Should you or someone you know ever need the services of the RNSP, please call the 24/7 hotline number: 516-858-7300.


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