Dressed in their Shabbat best, the budding young authors of Shulamith School for Girls gathered with their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents on Wednesday evening, June 6 at the Hewlett East Rockaway Jewish Center for the 11th annual fifth-grade Meet the Author Night and Publishing Party.

This was a culminating event for the young ladies who began writing their memoirs in December. The students published beautiful scrapbooks that included eight entries they had written about their lives. The girls learned a lot about writing and will surely treasure this keepsake for many years to come.

When the authors were asked to write about their experience writing, one noted that she liked being able to share her feelings in her scrapbook. Another author wrote that it was fun to write because “it is all about you and no one else.” She concluded, “Memoirs can show people who you are.” Many authors commented that the best thing about memoirs is that they will “have their scrapbooks for a really long time” and they will be able “to look back and see what they thought in fifth grade.” As one enthusiastic author concluded, “Memoirs is overall the most fun thing in the world!”

The evening was enjoyed by all those who attended as we shared nachat while celebrating the writing accomplishments of these fine students.


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