Shulamith - TripThe Shulamith Middle Division’s Chesed Program, under the guidance of Morah Chana Schwartz, and headed by 8th-graders Yael Cinamon, Dvora Golombeck, Sarala Kupferstein, and Esti Weiss, is off to a wonderful start.

On Tuesday, September 23, Tamar Herschberg, Tova Krupka, Abby Lieber, Kayla Silverman, and Brina Weiss joined Sarala and Yael for a pre-Rosh Hashanah activity at Kulanu. The students of Kulanu were happy to host their Shulamith friends once again for a fun-filled activity in honor of the chag, and the Shulamith girls felt honored to participate.

A second program took place on Tuesday, September 30, as students of grade 7, chaperoned by Morah Chana and Morah Racheli Hahn, went to the Long Island Living Center in Far Rockaway. In addition to talking with the residents, the girls sang and performed gymnastics for them. They also had the opportunity to assist a centenarian by pushing her wheelchair. The girls then watched and applauded as the tables were turned, and some talented seniors performed for them. Young and old alike eagerly anticipate getting together again throughout the year.

Shulamith - Senior CenterOn Wednesday, October 2, the students of the Shulamith Middle Division embarked on their first outing of the year to the Circle Line in Manhattan. Immediately after tefillah, the six buses departed, and students enjoyed laughing, singing, and connecting with each other during the ride to Pier 42. Though the skies were gray and it rained a bit, everyone enjoyed the boat ride on the Hudson, reveling in the opportunity to spend time together outside of the classroom. As they chatted, walked around the boat, and ate lunch, the girls also took in the sights of the city skyline, including the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

The trip was planned to coincide with the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah, giving students a chance to say Tashlich if they hadn’t already done so on Rosh Hashanah. Those who wished to learn more about Tashlich were able to read a brief handout about the minhagim associated with the mitzvah.

The over 200 students and almost 20 teacher chaperones agreed that the trip was a great success. The two questions most frequently asked after the trip were “Why’d it have to be so short?” and “Can we go again?”


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