Shulamith EC Division joins the Yom HaAtzmaut festivities

Yom HaZikaron In Shulamith

By Tehila Ostroff, Grade 8

The Middle Division of Shulamith School for Girls commemorated Yom HaZikaron by gathering in the auditorium and listening to a meaningful speaker. Ms. Sari Singer talked about her experience in a terrorist attack on a bus in Israel.

After the address, students participated in an activity called Color Tal’s Camel. Tal’s Camel is an unfinished sketch of a camel made by a young girl who was killed in a terrorist attack. People from all over the world have colored in Tal’s camel and sent it in to a website created by Tal’s parents.

The assembly concluded with tefillot and the lighting of a yahrzeit candle in memory of all the soldiers who have died in service to the medinah and the civilians killed in terrorist attacks.

Seniors Celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut

A group of eighth-graders from Shulamith visited the JCC to join the Chaverim group of Holocaust survivors for a gala Yom HaAtzmaut celebration. The girls helped serve lunch, and then danced and chatted with the seniors. It was a wonderful experience for everyone!

You’re Never Too Young To Celebrate Israel

The Early Childhood Division of Shulamith celebrated Yom HaAtzmaut with a special fair. First, the girls heard all about the importance of the day. Then each class went to the various booths where they decorated blue-and-white cupcakes, wrote a note at the Kotel, went fishing in the Kineret, played “Shimon Omer,” and read a story. The girls danced back to their classrooms and received their very own Israeli flags. What a wonderful way to mark this important occasion!

Birthday Bash For Israel At Shulamith Middle Division

Shulamith Middle Division students met this important Yom HaAtzmaut with vigor! After tefillah together with Hallel, the girls were addressed by Dr. Rafi Weiss. Dr. Weiss spoke about how he came to the British Mandate of Palestine as a young boy. He spoke about his excitement on the fifth day of Iyar in 1948 as a 12-year-old hearing David Ben Gurion reading the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel.

Dr. Weiss invited his Israeli-born wife, Nitza, to speak about the difficulties during the war that followed the declaration. She was only ten years old at the time but clearly remembers the siege of Jerusalem, and how our enemies wanted to starve us into submission.

For snack, the girls enjoyed classic Israeli treats like crackers with chocolate spread, Prigat, and beautiful blue-and-white cupcakes topped with mini Israeli flags sponsored by Mr. Tzvi Goldstein.

Students saw videos about Israeli achievements in technology, agriculture, medicine, and more. They then had the chance to do some hands-on exploration and activities, including:

  • Salad-making—in tribute to Israel’s development of the cherry tomato.
  • A STEM challenge in which they had to build an irrigation system—in tribute to Netafim, an Israeli manufacturer of irrigation equipment.
  • A scavenger hunt—in tribute to the myriad Israeli start-up companies and technological innovations known as Silicon Wadi.
  • Using Serenita, an app designed by Israelis to track and manage stress levels

They rounded out the fun-filled day with a vibrant chagigah in the gym with dance motivator Mrs. Atara Cohen.

The rain stopped before the end of the school day, so that at 4:00 p.m., a fantastically talented group of eighth-graders, led by Daniella Eichler and Mimi Altmark, were able to perform the daglanut they had been practicing since before Pesach. A perfect end to a very special day.

Shulamith Lower Division Celebrates Israel’s Birthday

Even before Yom HaAtzmaut, the Shulamith Lower Division students had been getting ready to celebrate 70 years of our State of Israel. In art class, grades 1 and 2 made flag projects, and grades 3 and 4 made snow globes.

The halls were decorated with flags and huge maps of Israel, and embellished with pictures of students in Israel. Seventy years is iconic; after Hallel and “Hatikvah,” the girls were given special stickers and bracelets and keychains sponsored by the SWO.

The students then went on an exciting Israel-themed scavenger hunt. The clues all required knowledge of Israeli history—people, places, and events. Congrats to Class 2G on finishing first!

During lunch, the girls were given a sweet taste of Israel—yummy chocolate spread!

In the afternoon, the girls gathered for the closing assembly. They viewed a special video titled “I Love Israel,” featuring themselves! Visit to see what the girls had to say!

They then watched another video made by the Lightstone family. Shayna Lightstone was a Shulamith first-grader last year who moved to Israel in August so her father, Rabbi Lightstone, could serve as chief of staff to David Friedman, our ambassador to Israel. The Lightstones showed what it’s like to work for the American embassy in Israel and live in Raanana.

Finally, the girls were given flags to wave while the fourth-graders led them in songs of gratitude to Hashem.


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