Shoshana Rockoff
Shoshana Rockoff
Shoshana Rockoff

The Shulamith School for Girls is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of its graduating class and the honorees.

Valedictorian: Shoshana Rockoff. Shoshana resides with her family in West Hempstead. She is focused on achieving goals and has a deep appreciation for her schoolwork. A highlight for Shoshana was becoming a finalist in the Yediot Klaliot competition, as well as in the Brachot Bee. Another achievement was winning first place in the Inter-Yeshiva HALB Science Fair in 2013 and again in 2014. Shoshana was also awarded the Keter Shem Tov Award for two consecutive years.

Shoshana embraces chesed opportunities and is always looking for ways to grow in areas of Torah and ahavat Yisrael. Shulamith has given Shoshana a deep appreciation for doing chesed, both in and out of the classroom. Shulamith has been an integral force in her development. Shoshana is involved with the special-needs population through her work with Friendship Circle and enjoys participating in programs with Yachad.

This year, Shoshana played for the Mustangs, the Shulamith basketball team, and was a business manager for the yearbook. Shoshana feels privileged to have been named valedictorian of the Shulamith Class of 2014. She looks forward to attending SKA, iy’H, in the fall.

Salutatorian: Racheli Brunner. Racheli resides in Woodmere, where she was born and raised, and has attended Shulamith School for Girls since kindergarten. It’s not only Racheli’s red hair and freckles that make her shine; her accomplishments are many and varied.

Racheli was on Math Olympiad and Torah Bowl in seventh grade. As captain of this year’s Torah Bowl team, Racheli studied the entire Chumash Bereishit with every Rashi. As editor-in-chief, Racheli also led her classmates in producing a magnificent yearbook. Racheli has headed many choirs, has led younger grades in Shulamith in tefillah, and has taught in Shulamith on several occasions. As far as chesed is concerned, it begins in the home. Racheli is a Bnos leader and takes her younger siblings to Bnos and Pirchei in the afternoons so that they can have fun while her parents rest. She uses the gifts Hashem has given her to tutor others free of charge.

Shulamith has helped mold Racheli into the educated, mature, nurturing young lady she has become. Shulamith has helped instill in her a love for Klal Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael. Racheli aspires to become a Chumash teacher because she loves studying Chumash and applying the lessons she’s learned for her personal growth. She is also considering becoming a professor in math. Racheli is looking forward to attending Manhattan High School for Girls next year, iy’H, where they will continue to help her achieve these goals and more.

Salutatorian: Yael Torczyner. Yael is a West Hempstead resident. She is deeply devoted to her community and serves as a group leader at the Young Israel of West Hempstead’s ECC minyan, as well as an umpire in the West Hempstead shuls’ little league.

Yael enjoys spending time working on art and was the layout editor for the yearbook. Yael has also been accepted to the Art Academy at SKA, which she will be attending in the fall.

During her time in Shulamith School for Girls, Yael has received many accolades, including as third place winner in the Inter-Yeshiva HALB Science Fair in 2014. Yael has also had the highest individual score in Math Olympiad for three years in a row. In addition, she was on the Shulamith Torah Bowl team this year. Yael feels honored to have been named salutatorian for the Shulamith School for Girls Class of 2014.

Mordechai Gimpel Wolk Memorial Award for Middot Tovot and Academic Excellence: Rachel Ash. Rachel resides with her family in Cedarhurst and has been a student at Shulamith School for Girls since kindergarten. She has always loved to learn and has excelled in her Judaic and secular studies. Rachel received a trophy two years in a row at the Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress.

For her eighth-grade yearbook, Rachel was a business manager and worked very hard with the two other managers to raise money for their yearbook along with many other eighth-grade functions. Rachel also loves to perform. She was a drama head for the school Shabbaton in her eighth-grade year, and performed on many other occasions throughout her years in Shulamith.

Rachel is a strong supporter of Israel and the IDF; she participated in a chesed called Standing Together where she and her family visited soldiers on an army base.

A kind, sensitive girl who puts the feelings of others before her own, Rachel is a deserving recipient of the Mordechai Gimpel Wolk Memorial Award for Middot Tovot and Academic Excellence. Next year, Rachel will, iy’H, be attending Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls.

Mordechai Gimpel Wolk Memorial Award for Middot Tovot and Academic Excellence: Daniella Cohen. Daniella is a proud Shulamith graduate who enjoys striving for excellence in all areas of her life. Daniella, a Lawrence resident, participated in the Harmony production in ensemble, where she used her graceful dancing skills for a good cause and also enjoyed meeting girls from all over the Five Towns. She looks forward to making new friends next year in Manhattan High School. Daniella worked as layout editor of her yearbook, using her creativity and organizational skills to produce a beautiful product.

Daniella spent last summer, and looks forward to spending this summer, in Camp Kaylie. She developed close relationships with special-needs girls, which she maintained throughout the year. Daniella volunteered her time at a gown gemach and would like to continue this chesed next year too.

While Daniella has many wonderful attributes that have earned her the Mordechai Gimpel Wolk Memorial Award for Middot Tovot and Academic Excellence, her most outstanding quality is her sensitivity to her family and friends. She anticipates other people’s needs and feelings and goes out of her way to include others in her activities. All who know her are impressed with her loyalty, sincerity, and intelligence.

Mazal tov to all the graduates! v


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