On Sunday morning, December 30, the second grade talmidot of Shulamith School for Girls arrived at the school building bright and early. They were excited for their Chumash plays. The plays, one beginning at 9:30 and the second at 11:45, were amazing. Under the leadership of the talented Morah Naomi Hollander, the girls worked for weeks to learn the songs and memorize their parts. Morah Naomi was assisted by the second grade assistants, Morah Tzippy Grumet and Morah Peshie Singer. The girls were accompanied on the piano by Shulamith music teacher Morah Yehudit Markovits. Every girl did a beautiful job saying her part loudly and clearly. The parents, grandparents, and all other guests had a lot of nachat from the adorable performers.

The highlight of the event was when principal Mrs. Yarmak presented each girl with her very own Chumash Bereishit. Each Chumash was covered with a beautiful leather cover with the name of the student embossed in gold lettering. Immediately following this, the crowd was treated to refreshments and each girl received a framed picture of herself with her Chumash, her morot, and Mrs. Yarmak. They also received a present from the SWO (Shulamith Women’s Organization) of a gorgeous laminated Shema card to use each night.

May the girls’ excitement for learning Chumash stay with them throughout their lives. A special thank you to Mrs. Yarmak and all of the mothers involved for all their help in arranging this beautiful event. v


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