Shulamith ECC Tent


The children at Shulamith ECC spent the week of Parashat Vayeira learning about the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim in the most developmentally appropriate way possible—by being involved in hands-on meaningful mitzvah opportunities.

Eager to emulate Avraham Avinu, the girls discussed the best possible ways to do this special mitzvah. Although they are young, the children came up with wonderful ways that they can be involved in the welcoming of guests. They even discussed how to be a good guest when they are invited to someone else’s house.

Finally, it was time to put their ideas into action. The kindergarten classes invited the pre-1A classes to a beautiful “Blueberries for Sal” tea party featuring blueberry jam on crackers and iced tea. The children enjoyed reading the classic picture book which ties into their animal theme, as both animals and people get ready for winter. Guests and hostesses were conscious of their special roles and carried them out perfectly.

At the same time, the children worked hard constructing a tent outdoors that they could actually use to play in and invite their own guests. It was challenging to figure out how to make a tent with four usable doors. The real STEM challenge was how to figure out how to keep the sides of the tent (made of sheets) from blowing in the wind. The children furnished the tent with signs and drawings, cushions, and even a Persian rug!

Come visit Shulamith ECC. The banot are eager to host you!


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