Shulamith ECC gears up for Sukkot


Masks. Polycarbonate sneeze guards. Temperature checks. Rules, regulations, and more rules. A recipe for failure in preschool? Guess again!

At Shulamith Early Childhood Center, school got off to a wonderful beginning despite all of the pandemic-related regulations. The children were so thrilled to be with their friends and devoted morot that they barely noticed all of the changes in their beloved school.

They quickly got down to the important business of playing, learning, and exploring all of the exciting hands-on materials waiting for them. Wearing a face mask became a fun guessing game of “Who Am I?” Polycarbonate sneeze guards to allow for safe mealtimes transformed into magical windows that enhanced communication with friends. Purell dispensers all over the building led to scientific speculation about how liquid suddenly disappears with just a few rubs.

Preparing for Sukkot at Shulamith ECC

At Shulamith Early Childhood Center, the children are busily preparing for the upcoming Chag HaSukkot. The smiling faces (beneath their masks) are apparent as children learn about this exciting holiday.

Children learn best through hands-on meaningful experiences and Sukkot provides no exception. The children had the opportunity to examine a real lulav and etrog. They practiced shaking the arba minim and making the berachot. The children were excited to use their tools of investigation, including magnifying glasses, to carefully examine the arba minim. They even predicted what changes might happen to the etrog if it was left on the science table after Sukkot.

Thanks to the generosity of the Fine family, the children took a field trip to visit a real sukkah. They sat in the sukkah, sang songs, and even ate a snack. When they came back to school, they constructed their own child sized sukkah using the hollow blocks in the outdoor classroom. They even put real schach on top. Constructing a sukkah that is large enough to accommodate a few children involved a good deal of planning, problem solving, and engineering skills. The children were motivated to succeed and willingly tried over and over again until they accomplished their goal. It was all worthwhile when the children were able to sit in their very own sukkah.

The children also used their creativity and fine motor skills to design beautiful, one of a kind, decorations for their sukkot at home. As they sit in their sukkot at home and look at their beautiful handiwork, they will think about how excited they are to return to school after Sukkot.

Shulamith ECC wishes everyone a healthy and safe chag sameach!


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