z9On Thursday, January 2, Rosh Chodesh Shevat, the fifth and seventh graders of Shulamith Middle Division went to Long Island Living Center to visit with the seniors there. Before leaving, the fifth graders were given an overview of what to expect and how to conduct themselves during their visit. The orientation was led by a trained social worker and gave the students a chance to ask questions in advance of their visit. Students were grateful for the preparation before their outing, as any discomfort that they might have felt was alleviated.

During their visit to the center, the girls sang and danced with the residents. At one point, one of the seniors played his harmonica and the piano, and the girls sang along. Other residents danced with the students.

The seniors at the Long Island Living Center enjoy the visits by Shulamith students so very much that, this time, they treated the girls to hot cocoa. At the same time, the girls love the experience of doing something so meaningful; they can’t wait to go back! v


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