x1On Tuesday, October 29, the students of Shulamith Middle Division embarked on a thrilling team-building trip to the Aviator. The trip was originally scheduled for early October, but due to the government shutdown, had been indefinitely postponed. After three weeks of being reassured that the trip would indeed be rescheduled just as soon as the government reopened, students arrived on Tuesday morning, brimming with excitement to join their friends and teachers for their long-awaited day of fun.

After morning tefillah and their regular first-period lessons, the girls hurried outside to the waiting buses. Accompanied by a full contingent of faculty members, everyone quickly boarded, and they were on their way. As the buses wended their way through the Rockaways and over the Marine Parkway bridge, the eager girls repeatedly asked, “When will we be there?!”

They soon found out that the Aviator is just a half-hour ride away, and when they arrived, they split up into two groups. The fifth- and sixth-graders had the opportunity to engage in all sorts of gymnastics. They began with warm-up exercises, and proceeded to swing off the high bars into a sea of foam squares, swim through them, run and jump across a bouncing floor, and then launch themselves off of a pommel horse back into the foamy sea. The girls also had the opportunity to run and tumble on the floor mats, and try their hands (and feet!) at the balance beam.

Meanwhile, the seventh- and eighth-graders went to a different area, where they had an exhilarating game of tug-a-war, played dodge ball, and participated in a zany game of “Steal the Salami Soccer.” The excitement continued as students and teachers formed teams for a variety of invigorating and competitive relay races.

Next, the entire Middle Division reconvened in a large lunch area and enjoyed a pizza lunch. After a spirited bentching, the girls then went downstairs and laced up their skates for an enjoyable hour of ice-skating.

By the time they returned to school at 2:30, students and teachers were happily exhausted, and chattering contentedly about their memorable outing. v


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