After many hours of preparation, Shulamith eighth graders had their Shabbaton, with the theme of “Ohr – Light.” On erev Shabbat, the girls enjoyed a candle-making activity. On Friday night, they gathered for candle lighting in school, followed by an uplifting Kabbalat Shabbat a delicious meal, divrei Torah, and an ask-the-teachers forum. The melodious choir also performed. The girls headed home and went “straight to sleep,” in anticipation of their next fun-filled day.

On Shabbat morning, the group davened at the Red Shul. They then returned to school where they were inspired by workshops led by Shulamith alumni about ways to have emunah, even in the darkest of times. The girls heard additional divrei Torah during the meal, watched an amusing skit, and davened Minchah together before heading out for the afternoon. For seudah shlishit, the group reconvened at the Altmark household. The dining room was filled with ruach and words of Torah from Mrs. Lisa Septimus, a yoetzet halacha of the Five Towns. The girls are grateful to Mrs. Rachel Steiner, Mrs. Rookie Billet, Dr. Evelyn Gross, Mrs. Chana Schwartz, the Altmarks, and all the other parents and faculty members who made this a Shabbaton to remember.

Daniella Turner involved the entire sixth grade in her bat mitzvah chesed project to support Bayit LePlaytot, an orphanage for girls in Israel


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