Shulamith High School students at OHEL OXC


Shulamith High School students at OHEL OXC

On Sunday, May 19, Shulamith High School students participated in the 5th annual Ohel OXC — a fundraiser to benefit Ohel. The girls trained for 15 weeks under the guidance of Raina Butler-Koren of Woodmere Fitness Club. Each week the girls worked on different skills that would help them conquer the 35 obstacles on the 5-mile course.

In addition to the physical training, each girl had to fundraise to participate, and most girls raised well over her original goals. The team raised over $32,000, making Team Shulamith the top teen fundraisers!

Participating students included Hadassa Allman, Sarah Berger, Hannah Bistritzky, Tamar Davies, Adina Eichenstein, Lilly Eisenberg, Naomi Enayatian, Shana Friedman, Gizzi Gestetner, Tali Hertz, Shayna Jaffa, Aliza Jaffa, Tamar Mann, Malka Orner, Ellyana Pilevsky, Bailey Weinberger, Adina Zelcer, Sarah Newman, and Tamar Newman.


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