Shulamith High School Valedictorian Hana Adler

Valedictorian: Hana Adler. As a former G.O. president and color war captain, and as a current school ambassador and yearbook layout editor, senior Hana Adler is no stranger to leadership. Now, Hana is once again leading the first-ever graduating class of Shulamith High School as esteemed valedictorian. For the four years Hana has attended Shulamith, she has demonstrated not only leadership qualities, but strong sportsmanship and teamwork while participating in numerous clubs and teams, including volleyball, interior and fashion design, photography, newspaper, and set design for the school play. Alongside all her extracurricular activities, Hana has also demonstrated tremendous academic integrity and diligence, maintaining four years on Principal’s List and partaking in challenging academic extras such as STEM and computer coding courses.

Hana is a volunteer for Chai Lifeline and enjoys participating in kiruv initiatives as well. She was a madrichah at a kiruv camp called “Or Haner” this past summer for Spanish speaking girls from South America and was a volunteer at the San Diego Shabbas Project Challah Bake in 2017.

Hana’s passion lies in fashion and design and she has been granted a scholarship to Pratt Institute for next year. Currently, she is interning in the Aleph Beta art department. Hana plans on deferring college for a year to attend Michlala Yerushalayim and then pursuing a degree in the field of digital arts.

Valedictorian: Avigail Sassoon. The award of valedictorian is the capstone on Avigail’s long list of high school accomplishments. Over her four years at Shulamith, Avigail has taken on the roles of: editor in chief of yearbook, AIPAC delegate in 2017 and 2018, Shulamith Summer Scholar (2016), Shulamith iLead Scholars Program (2018), CIJE STEM Fair competitor, Finalist in the Technion Jewish Day School Challenge, captain of the volleyball team and stage manager in the school play. Avigail has also sustained consistent academic accomplishments through her years: four years on Principal’s List while immersing herself in rigorous AP and Honors courses and electives, including an Honors Physics course through the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Passionate about giving back, especially to those less fortunate, Avigail is also a consistent volunteer in the Ohel Bais Ezra Women’s Division. Avigail thanks Shulamith for the “well-rounded education and the confidence” that has helped her reach all these tremendous milestones. Avigail is currently interning in WayFind Careers, doing data analytics, with plans to attend MMY and then the Queens College Scholars Program.

Keter Shem Tov Awardee: Sela Pollack. As a former G.O. President, choir head, school ambassador, and production head, Sela has been busy during her four years of High School. That’s not to mention her out-of-school extracurriculars: participation in Shulamith’s Scholars Research Summer Program, volunteer at Harvard’s Teaching Hospital: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Brookline, MA, and avid pro-Israel activist (Sela attended the AIPAC conference twice over the course of high school). In addition to her impressive academic accomplishments, including maintaining a place on Principal’s List for four years of high school, Sela is recognized for her outstanding character and middot and was unanimously voted by peers and teachers alike to receive the Keter Shem Tov award. Sela is an active volunteer for both Bais Ezra and Friendship Circle, tutors multiple kids after school on a volunteer basis, and has teamed up with one of her teachers to start an afterschool “Mishmar program” for afterschool “lishma learning.” As someone who is passionate about helping others, Sela has received the Certificate of Excellence award from the social work department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Good Citizen Award from the Lawrence Association. Sela is currently interning at Five Towns Medicine and Cardiology. She plans on attending MMY next year and then continuing on to the Queens Scholars program at Queens College where she plans to major in biology.

Salutatorian: Mindy Schrek. As a member of the iMovie club, head of sound and lighting for the school play, annual iPad-demo coordinator at Open House, and point person for school films (Mindy produced a video for Tekes Yom HaZikaron, the Purim Schpiel, and an Open-House presentation, among others), Mindy is the unofficial in-house techie. She feels very comfortable in that role since as she says, “Shulamith taught me how to step up and assume leadership.” Whether it’s leading in the tech department, or leading on G.O., leading as two-time winner of the school-wide “Shark Tank” innovation competition, or leading in chesed (Mindy is a recipient of the Shulamith Community Service Award), Mindy has taken the initiative many times throughout her high-school career. She has taken numerous AP and Honors courses, maintained a spot on Principal’s List, and has been involved in Mock Trial, STEM, and Israel Activism. Outside of school, Mindy volunteers at Tomchei Shabbos and NCSY. Currently, Mindy is interning in the Bnei Akiva marketing department, with plans to attend Michlala Yerushalayim and then, Queens College.


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