Shulamith Middle Division Graduates Enjoy a Celebratory Breakfast

Last Thursday, the Shulamth Middle Division Class of 2019 celebrated their last day of school with a lavish breakfast catered by Bunch-O-Bagels. Guided by Rachel Steiner, director of student activities, eighth-graders Emma Fox and Arbel Ifergan planned the event from beginning to end. The girls enjoyed watching a video presentation created by Ora Zeitlin, playing a game of Kahoot designed by Emma and Arbel, and listening to divrei Torah by Rebecca Schoenfeld and Eliana Sacknovitz. An added surprise was the distribution of their magnificent yearbooks by editors-in-chief Aliza Coronel and Atara Ginsburg. The title of this year’s book is “The Grad Finale,” and this event was truly a marvelous way to celebrate the culmination of eight years of elementary-school education! 


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