Shulamith's first graduating class


Shulamith School for Girls will be celebrating its 18th annual dinner this Wednesday, June 5, at the Sands. Please join them as they pay tribute to their worthy honorees.

Moshe and Idy Jacobowitz

Keter Shem Tov: Moshe and Idy Jacobowitz

The Jacobowitzes have a deep desire to show their hakarat ha’tov to Shulamith. Moshe, a senior partner at Jacobowitz Newman Tversky LLP, and Idy, a stay-at-home mom, exemplify the verse: “Do not seek greatness for yourself, and do not lust for honor. More than you study, do.” (Avos 6:5)

The Jacobowitzes are described as a family with chein. Their calm nature and kind words act as a model for their children Yaacov, Nechama, Yocheved, Atara, Meira, and Dovid. They chose Shulamith because of the middot, self-esteem, and values they knew it would reinforce in their daughters. “You don’t get this at any other school.” Moshe and Idy are tremendously grateful for the excellent education and staff that Shulamith has provided for their daughters.

Parents of the Year: Adina and Yossi Hollander

Adina and Yossi Hollander

Quiet chesed is such a strong part of the Hollanders’ lives; they do what is needed without fanfare. To that extent, Adina and Yossi often hear of their spouse’s acts of chesed from others. It was initially difficult for the Hollanders to accept being honored as Parents of the Year. However, once they realized that it was more about honoring Shulamith, they agreed to step out of the shadows to show recognition to the school. Choosing Shulamith for their daughter wasn’t even a question; they appreciate the warm family-like atmosphere and the deep love of Torah and Israel that is instilled in the children. “There is no other school like it!”

Yossi has been in the food industry for the past 20+ years. Adina, a Shulamith alumna, is a dedicated full-time mother to their three wonderful children, Eitan, Yonatan, and Eliana. The Hollanders have lived in West Hempstead since 2007.

Harriet Cohen

Hakarat HaTov Award: Harriet Cohen

Harriet Cohen has been a beloved fixture in the Shulamith school office for 11 years. Just stand at her desk for half an hour to witness the special care she gives to every student who enters the office. Harriet is always there to help find the jump ropes, make sure every student eats lunch, or to offer a quick hug for a girl who just came to say “hi.”

While many girls feel that Harriet is an essential part of their day, she feels that Shulamith is an essential part of her life. “I love watching these girls grow up.” Harriet is the proud mother of David, Elyssa, and Ira, and grandmother to Bradley, Andrew, Max, Jordyn, and Hudson. Shulamith is proud to recognize Harriet and her tireless dedication to the school.

Company of the Year: Global Operations

Since their founding in 2009, Global Operations has implemented security solutions at more than 250 Jewish institutions. Their success comes from joining veterans of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), who are operational and field experts, with veterans of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, who are technology and integration experts, to create technological security systems that can be seamlessly implemented into schools, houses of worship, and community centers.

With over 20 years of experience implementing and managing projects for the Israeli government, and with extensive experience with the U.S. market and systems, Global Operations provides the best of both worlds when designing and implementing projects. Global Operations has been extremely supportive of Shulamith and the entire Five Towns community for the last three years. At this time, Global Operations provides various security services to more than ten leading Jewish schools and synagogues in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway area.

Celebrating The Class Of 2019

“They believed they could, so they did.” Shulamith is proud to recognize its founding high-school class: Hana Adler, Hadassah Allman, Sara Berger, Chevi Charlap, Shana Deil, Malka Guttman, Ella Lax, Sela Pollack, Avigail Sassoon, Mindy Schreck, and Nina Bracha Yurovsky. These pioneers paved the way and planted the seeds. They set the standard, and the standard is platinum. We’re sure they will find much success as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. Mazal tov!


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