Science fair exhibits at Shulamith
Science fair exhibits at Shulamith
Science fair exhibits at Shulamith

On Wednesday, February 25, Shulamith Middle Division had its annual science fair. The students and science teachers, Mrs. Miller and Dr. Tucker, were excited to show the completed science experiments to the panel of distinguished guests who volunteered to judge at the fair. The enthusiasm was palpable as the students and judges interacted and learned science together. The displays were informative and beautiful.

The science fair gives students a unique opportunity to delve deeply into a science topic that interests them. After the students decide to do a specific experiment, they are encouraged to learn as much as they can about that topic before proceeding. This helps them better understand the science concepts in their experiment. After the procedure, the students are asked to analyze their results. All of these steps help students understand the concepts behind the scientific process and scientific research.

There were a variety of science topics researched by the students. The experiments were based on different aspects of sound, microbiology, the psychology behind learning, the effectiveness of sunscreen, how to keep food from spoiling, and much more. The information presented was relevant and useful to both the students and the judges. The students also had the opportunity to listen to their fellow classmates present their experiments to each other in class. All in all, the science fair was a great success. Everyone learned so much–from their own work and from each other

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