By Shira Mintz

The original homeland of the Jewish people,

Is rich with exotic fruits,

but also contains vast desert land,

It is contradiction.

We have inhabited this land,

since ancient times.

Through blood, sweat, and tears of our people,

we have rebuilt this land,

that has fallen into a sad state of disrepair,

when the Jewish people were exiled.

Generations later,

the Jewish people reclaimed their homeland,

through persistence,

hard work,

blood, sweat, and tears,

and with the help of Hashem,

we have rebuilt this holy land,

into the paradise,

it was always meant to be.

Israel’s Beauty
By Nechama Jacobowitz

Israel is beautiful in many ways,

When people see it for the first time it sometimes puts them in a daze.

From the top of the decorative palm trees,

Down to the bottom of the clear, sparkling seas.

When people see all of these beautiful sights,

It’s especially nice when you look at the Golan Heights.

If you decide to tour the tunnels below,

Just watch all the streams down there that flow.

If you decide to tour from way up high,

In a helicopter, you can see everything from the sky.

The beauty is what makes you feel,

like you have never felt anything real.

This land is beautiful every way you look,

Make sure to not to miss any parts of the Kush.

Israel is beautiful in many ways,

Even if it’s been the 100th time someone has seen it, it still puts them in a daze.

By Aviva Klahr

In 70 CE, our holy temple was destroyed,

We were put in deep grief, without any joy.

Our Beit Hamikdash brought down to a pile of stone,

We cried out to Hashem; We did plead and moan.

We were put in exile with tears in our eyes,

We davened for redemption with heartbreaking cries.

We have been dispersed throughout the lands,

But yearned for returning to our true homeland.

We have suffered through Blood Libels, Inquisitions, and more

We asked to ourselves, what more is there to wait for?

The Holocaust came and six million Jews lost their lives,

But miraculously, the Jewish nation still survives.

In 1948, a miracle G-d did create,

We won the War of Independence, and it was declared “A Jewish State!”

Hashem has answered our cries and pleads of real tears,

And now we celebrate 70 years!

For now we have, once again, our home,

And may G-d bring soon, the Mashiach B’Shalom!

By Ahuva Halpert

In the year 1948, Israel won its independence and became a state. For the past 69 years, Jews commemorate this day as a time of happiness and enjoyment! As Israel turns 70 this year, it will encounter new beginnings and new advances. It will have many new challenges as it had before and will fight them with courage and dignity. We too are going to choose where we will be next and what we will do. Everyone will go on different paths and choose what they want out of their high school years. It is often hard to know what to do next and to make a decision that will impact your life forever. But as we all look back at how strong the Jews fought for Eretz Yisrael, how hard they wanted and believed to achieve their goal. We will to work hard and try to reach our potential and be much better. Eretz Yisrael is a land where everyone goes to reunite as one and learn how to be a better Jew. Everyone is going to choose a high school that is best for them, what they believe they will do well in. All of us will go on different roads to different places, but we will all still be together because of our love and passion for one another.

By Shayna Wasser

Where is my home?

I tour the streets of New York

The buildings, the taxis, the lights

This is not my home

Where is my home?

I walk the paths of Paris

The Eifel tower, the fashion lines, the stores

This is not my home

Where is my home?

I stroll the roads of China

The merchandise, the wall of China, the cuisine

This is not my home

Where is my home?

I wander in the ways of Mexico

The sombreros, the maracas, the piñatas

This is not my home

Where is my home?

I roam the streets of Israel

The Kotel, Maarat HaMachpeila, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, Tevria, Chevron

I have finally found my home

Our True Destination
By Adina Adelman

While we enjoy our houses, gifts, and more,

Our clothes that we buy from department stores,

Our food and toys

Our happiness and joy,

Our money and school

Our air conditioners that keep us cool,

We must remember where we belong

What we are reminded about, every day in a song

Although we live great here in this world

We think it is perfect and just want to twirl

With all of this fun we may never forget,

That everything in the world is already set,

Hashem knows what will be

Hashem knows that soon it will come and so do we

We know that Mashiach will come any day

And this world is just a hallway

As we prepare to move on

Remember this is like a marathon

We are just running towards the end

Mashiach is just around the bend

Life has different struggles just remember the one destination

To Eretz Yisrael Hashem will bring our nation

So don’t get caught up in being in style

Because all that you have now will only last for a while

So next time you daven don’t just say it again

Also hope that Hashem will bring Mashiach! Amen!

By Gabriella Herman

Together in Israel, all of the Jews were once ‘livin’.

Until we did bad and to the hand of our enemies we were given.

For years and years we were not allowed back into our promised land.

Until we won the war and oh, were we so glad!

NOW we have the ability to live freely in our home.

But, yet we are all still scattered in places like, England, France, and Rome.

Hopefully, in the future we will all be together.

From all over the world we shall gather.

All of the Jews will be together as one.

In our home, Israel, for generations to come.

Israel’s 70th Birthday
By Haley Rosenberg

71 years ago, Israel was not here.

The Jews needed a homeland of their own, and that was crystal clear.

We fought and we fought to have our own state

The land of Palestine was under the British mandate.

In 1948, Israel belonged to the Jews

The day was so great it was all over the news.

This year is Israel’s 70th birthday, and we should take time to pray

May the Beit Hamikdash be rebuilt bimheirah biyameinu, amen!

By Elisha Schecter

Israel belongs to us.

Israel was, is, and will be ours forever.

Although we may be here,

We will always yearn to be there.

Israel is mostly filled with fun,

But from the enemies we shouldn’t run.

It’s a fascinating, exciting, and amazing place,

For enemies and Jews together there is no space.

Israel is our home,

But in America we continue to roam.

Israel is the place to be,

For every Jew including me.

By Zahava Staple

Israel is the place for me

Israel is where we all should be

About Israel we learn

For Israel we yearn

We only have each other

And no place other

Everywhere we roam

But Israel is our home

By Shani Weinstein

The only destination that I wish to go,


A place I can only wish to know,


A place to live a place to stay,


I wish to be there every day,


Hashem gave this gift to you and to me,


We are as lucky as can be,


I only hope to be there someday,


A place I can spend the rest of my days,


Israel is the place for me the only place I want to be.


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