“I feel like Hashem said, ‘I want to have a relationship with you.’”

“Hashem is my parent. I check in with Him throughout the day because I know He’s waiting to hear from me.”

“Hashem is always there for me.”

Developing a relationship with Hashem was the topic of the third in a series of panel discussions at Shulamith Middle Division this year. On Wednesday, April 13, students in grades 5—8 were privileged to hear from community members Sarala Chrein and Ruchie Frei, as well as their very own Morah Chana Schwartz and principal Mrs. Rookie Billet.

Each panelist spoke about her own role models as well as occurrences in her life when the hand of Hashem was clearly present. The panelists also shared tips with the girls for how they can find and recognize Hashem in their own lives.

The girls came away inspired and with much food for thought.


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