Belsky dedication at Shuvu

The seventh grade boys’ classroom in the Shuvu Lod School was dedicated this past week by R’ Abe and Sherree Belsky from Lawrence in memory of their son, Simcha Berel Dovid, z’l, who was niftar a year ago, during chol ha’moed Sukkos.

The extended Belsky family participated in the emotional and moving ceremony, including brother-in-law R’ Avrohom Biderman, co-chairman of the Shuvu Network of Schools, and his wife Sarah.

Shuvu’s director, Rav Chaim Michoel Gutterman, spoke of the decision of HaGaon Harav Avrohom Pam, zt’l, to create Shuvu for Russian children in Israel, and of the rosh yeshiva’s decision to appoint his talmid muvhak, R’ Biderman, to head the organization. Today, Rav Gutterman commented, the network grew to become an educational empire in Eretz Yisrael, comprising 79 mosdos. “This is in the z’chus of Rav Pam, zt’l, together with R’ Biderman.” Rav Gutterman said that the enormous amount of time R’ Biderman devotes to Shuvu shows he appreciates what is important in life. “And the Belskys’ decision to dedicate this classroom also shows what’s important in their life, and serves as a model for their entire family.”

The class’s rebbe, Rav Dovid Rosenblum, told his own personal story how he came across Shuvu, and how he realized the great impact of being able to be mekarev young children, ultimately leading to his decision to join the Shuvu staff. His words were followed by two talmidim who learned Mishnayos l’ilui ha’neshamah, and Kaddish by R’ Abe Belsky.

Shuvu’s educational director, Brocha Weinberger, added that Simcha, z’l, will always be part of the classroom, “and there’s a lot going on in this classroom and a tremendous amount of ruchniyus, with mitzvos and learning with mesirus nefesh! These students walk in the city of Lod with a yarmulke and tzitzis proudly! I can’t imagine anything that can give greater nechamah than knowing that this classroom is dedicated for Simcha, with all the Gemara, Torah, and halachah learned l’ilui nishmaso.”

Simcha’s brother, R’ Motty Belsky, mentioned another classroom dedication the family dedicated two years ago in Shuvu Tel Aviv, in memory of his grandparents. “I didn’t think we’d be back here so soon for another dedication l’zecher nishmas someone.” R’ Motty gave insight to his brother, whose defining characteristic was chesed. “He’d literally give the shirt off his back.”

Seeing the enthusiasm and excitement of the boys of the class, R’ Motty and his wife, Shani, decided on the spot to donate a pair of tefillin to each of the students of the class in need.

The last speaker was Sherree Belsky, who reiterated the importance that Simcha, z’l, placed on chesed. Turning to the Shuvu students, she said, “It was his most important mitzvah, so if you could take a little bit of that, and I know that’s what they teach in Shuvu, by doing this you’ll make both him and me very happy.”


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