Following the dedication ceremony at the Shuvu dinner in New York in February 2011, The Shuvu Hadera Kindergarten is proud to now carry the name of Mrs. Chana Glenn, a’h.

Rav Aaron Pam, son of Shuvu’s founder, HaRav Avrohom Pam, zt’l, and a close friend of the Glenn family, was present at the unveiling of the plaque on the kindergarten. The plaque states that the kindergarten is l’ilui nishmas and in memory of the most praiseworthy woman, Mrs. Chana Pessa, a’h, bas R’ Tsemach, a’h, Glenn. Mrs. Glenn served as a role model to Bnos Yisrael with her many wonderful attributes: her straightness, her exemplary middos, chesed, davening, emunah, and tzniyus–both among people and with Hashem. Dedicated by the Glenn family.

Rav Moshe Yaakovson, director of the Shuvu Kindergarten Network, accompanied Rav Pam on his visit to the kindergarten and stated that dedicating the Hadera kindergarten is indeed a most worthwhile investment. The enrollment of the kindergarten grew greatly over the past years from 28 to now 52. In addition, almost every kindergarten child in Hadera continues on to the Shuvu Hadera elementary school, thus bringing the children to continue their spiritual growth and Torah knowledge, strengthening their commitment to a life of Torah and mitzvos.

Dedicating a Shuvu kindergarten in her memory is a most wonderful and appropriate way to perpetuate the legacy of Mrs. Glenn. May the Torah learned and the mitzvos performed by the kindergarten children in Shuvu Hadera be in her loving memory and serve as an aliyas neshamah. Yehi zichra baruch. v


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